Unity EdgeConnect Benefits

IT Executive Leader / Innovator at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
Once we had a site where we were using Orchestrator and Unity Edge and we would see the traffic come up. Once we would put in the appropriate change controls and migrate the traffic over from the MPLS, we would see a reduction in traffic by up to 40% between what the MPLS connection was with the new internet Silver Peak connection was using. Companies that had a 10 megabit line that they were using on MPLS would essentially not get a full 10 megabit throughput. When we migrated it over to Silver Peak, given that Silver Peak did acceleration, deduplication, and traffic mapping, we would see a significant improvement in not only the usage of bandwidth but also the deduplication of data that did not need to traverse the wide-area network. We had several clients that were paying $7,500 a month for an MPLS line for one single 10 megabit circuit and we were able to take that from $7,500 a month down to $500 a month for two 10 megabits circuits that added redundancy where before they did not have redundancy and it gave them a much better throughput. That was using a standard MPLS line. We put in two 10 megabit internet circuits and put Silver Peak on them and then removed the MPLS circuit. That took their bill from $7,500 a month down to $500 a month. That's why as soon as we did that and we showed some of our other internal clients what could be achieved, everybody wanted to be first. After that, the flood gates opened and we were up and running. There were router replacements where some sites might've needed to upgrade their router infrastructure with Silver Peak, you didn't need to do that because it could also function as a mini router. There were considerable money savings. View full review »
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