Unity EdgeConnect Initial Setup

IT Executive Leader / Innovator at a tech vendor with 11-50 employees
The process was very straightforward for the initial setup. It was so straightforward, even I could do one. And for executive management to be able to do an implementation is saying a lot. The setup was very straightforward in that connecting the hardware is three wires - four wires if you include a power cable. So once you have the unit, what we term "rack and stack" and we would send pictures to the site and it didn't have to be an IT person to plug this in. We would show them that exactly this color cable goes in this slot, this color cable goes in that slot and then turn it on. And as soon as it's on, then we'll take it from there. And my team would finish the setups, but the site needed to have a public IP address, which was typically not an issue. And then once we configured the site and tested the traffic over it was almost plug and play. Very rarely did we have any special kinds of troubleshooting. If we were not told all of the IP address ranges that a site typically had, then that could have been an issue. But once you've learned that and you've written down the lessons learned for it, we never had that issue again because we would make sure that the sites would tell us every IP address range so that we would not miss any IP addresses that needed to go through the Silver Peak device. It was very straightforward and we could start reporting on a site what their current bandwidth was, what their traffic speed was when they're getting a full 10 megabit per second or what was the degree of deduplication and traffic shaping that was being done. Sometimes I would talk to the application developers and say, look, your application is constantly doing this and sending huge amounts of data over the WAN; how about if you didn't do that and redo your application to be more efficient in the data transmissions. A lot of them did that and that to me was a kind of an offshoot benefit. It allows you to be able to look at inefficient applications that need to be written in a much more SDLC format. The deployment would predominantly take roughly three to four days to bring a site online. That was once the equipment was on-site and we had a site contact who could unbox the machine, unbox the box, rack it and stack it and power it up and then we would get it configured and then it would be ready for traffic for testing. So I'd say it would take about a week. View full review »
Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
It's easy to deploy and easy to manage. They have fewer elements than all the other vendors. They have only two elements, their dashboard, and their appliance. As an example, with the last five last branches, it was implemented in two days. View full review »
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