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Distributor of Heimdal Thor Vigilance & Thor Foresight at a tech services company
Aug 05 2018

What do you think of UserLock?

What is our primary use case?

AD User Management. It limits concurrent logins, restricts access, monitors, and offers alert and report on all session activities.

How has it helped my organization?

Helps manage concurrent logins and forces the logout of users who do not comply with corporate network access policy. 

What is most valuable?

Detecting and responding to security threats by blocking the user, thus providing administrators with remote session control and advanced reporting for session analysis.

What needs improvement?

Productivity monitoring. Better control of users and comprehensive reporting will help the product in this area.

For how long have I used the solution?

One to three years.


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UserLock Questions

What is UserLock?

Protect, detect and react to all user's access to Microsoft Windows Server-based Networks. UserLock offers stronger security for Windows user logins, without impeding end users or frustrating IT teams. Harden your defense against unauthorized network access and compromised credentials. Access Control & Protection: Set and enforce non-intrusive, context-aware access controls that define network access conditions for all users. Detection & Response: Real-time monitoring and risk detection Tools immediately alert you to suspicious logon activity so you can take action quickly - crucially before that activity becomes a serious problem. Auditing & Reporting: Record, centralize and audit all network logon events, across the whole network for comprehensive reports and detailed insights.
UserLock customers
Barclays, US Department of Justice, National Bank of Kuwait, Turkish Aerospace, New York Albany School District, Regtransfers, University of Kent, Camden City School District, Oklahoma City Public Schools, Bank of Cyprus, Detran-PE: Pernambuco State Traffic Department
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