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Veritas Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator provides IT, IT/legal liaisons, investigators, lawyers, paralegals, and HR professionals the ability to search, preserve, and review information across the organization. First, Enterprise Vault provides an archiving platform that allows organizations to store, manage, and discover data from messaging systems, social media, PSTs, NSFs, file servers, Microsoft SharePoint, instant messaging platforms, databases, and more. Then, Discovery Accelerator enables the centralized search, preservation, and review of this content from a single user interface.Discovery Accelerator allows authorized reviewers (for example, corporate litigation, HR, external counsel) to quickly target and pinpoint specific email and files for legal discovery, external requests, or internal investigation. Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator provides a high level of organization and structure to the discovery process and enables content across the enterprise to be identified, preserved, reviewed, and marked, reducing dependencies on third party vendors and outside counsel. Multiple databases can be created within Discovery Accelerator so that data can be segregated and secured for specific groups (for example, legal or HR), or pursuant to specific requirements (such as international data privacy requirements). Built with scalability in mind to help search across petabytes of data from multiple content sources.
Also known as
Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator, Symantec Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator
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