Threat Intelligence Platforms Questions
COO at Rezgateway
Jun 02 2021

I'm looking for a threat intelligence tool that can aggregate multiple threat intelligence sources. Is this type of tool available? If so, how much do these services cost?

John Johny Restrepo HernándezYes, Azure Sentinel is a SIEM on the Cloud. Multiple data sources can be… more »
John RendyThere are two approaches to answer your needs. You can either select: 1. SIEM… more »
IT Central Station

What are the most common mistakes that businesses make regarding cyber threats? What measures can be put in place to avoid these mistakes? Do you have threat intelligence tools that you swear by to help with monitoring cyber threats?

Avraham SonenthalThe biggest single mistake I see businesses making in monitoring cyber threats… more »
reviewer1310022We know that cyber security is an important concern for every organisation. The… more »
Mohd Amri Razlan
Information Security Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Jun 02 2021

I'm an Information Security Consultant at a large enterprise Tech Services company. What are the best tools for threat intelligence?

Rodney LeeTI feeds must include open source and commercial feeds... It may be better to… more »
John RendyThere are two categories of Threat Intelligence so-called "tools" 1. Threat… more »
Denis LTry Open Threat Exchange The best one, and now researchers… more »
Ludwing Caviedes
VP Innovation and Development at Coinsa SAS

I'm a VP Innovation and Development at a small Tech Services company. Is it possible that a single vulnerability analysis software does not detect the entire spectrum of threats?

Avraham SonenthalNo single product will detect all vulnerabilities. That is why in security we… more »
Vladimir JirasekShort answer: No. Long one: start with vulnerability assessment for your key… more »
George FyffeYou wont find a single tool that will report on all the vulnerabilities that can… more »
IT Central Station
Jun 02 2021

What are the biggest threats that are detected in internal and external threat intelligence platforms?

John RendyDIfference between internal and external threat intelligence is: Internal threat… more »