Visokio Omniscope Overview

What is Visokio Omniscope?
Omniscope is data analysis and visualization software distributed by Visokio. Omniscope is a desktop application that includes 3 integrated workspaces: DataManager, DataExplorer and DataPlayer. DataManager is a visual drag-and-drop data import, assembly, transformation and file refresh/export workspace which defines the operations to be executed/re-executed whenever any of the data sources connected to an output file is changed or refreshed. DataExplorer is a multi-tabbed, multi-view data visualization, editing, analysis, reporting and presentation/publication interactive interface, with a number of visualization options and integrated web browser windows to display related web-based content, including the results of user-triggered requests to independent web services. DataPlayer is a separate workspace for creating exportable Flash DataPlayers, standalone interactive combinations of encapsulated data, visualizations and query devices that can be inserted into web pages and documents such as PowerPoint and PDF.

Visokio Omniscope is also known as Omniscope.

Visokio Omniscope Buyer's Guide

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Visokio Omniscope Customers
General Electric, Cairn Capital, Group M, Credit Suisse, Colgate, Belden, Xerox, Weightmans, DHL, Lloyds & Clarksons, Faroe Petroleum, Capita, Philips, Aviva, Investec
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