Visual Paradigm Valuable Features

Petr Klučka
Business & Enterprise Architect at a tech services company with 501-1,000 employees
One tool for everything which provides all the features you need for an Enterprise Architecture and Solution Architecture. Wide language coverage for architecture modeling, system design, and software development, e.g., ArchiMate, UML, BPMN, SysML, SoaML, CMMN, ERD, and ORM. Methodology incorporated in the tool through guides: Zachman, TOGAF ADM with Documentation Cabinet (new from version 14), and Business Motivation Model. Support for model requirements management, a tool for textual analysis, business concept diagram, and glossary grid. Intuitive tool control for model creation: * Simple dragging of elements and links from the menu to the model. * Context menu whose functions are specific to the element type or bindings in the model. * Resource Navigator that supports the syntax of a given modeling language. * Element/relation reference: any file/folder, URL, shape, reference to another element. * Set of transit To/From (any diagrams), best to facilitate navigation in a complex model. * Custom TAGs (Element Labels with Values, many Attributes Types). * Stereotypes (metadata, TAGs, +graphic visualization). * Specific repository views: Navigator chart, Model explorer, Class repository, Logical view. ORM: Reverse/code generation (Java classes, Hibernate, database (SQL including DDL, test data generation, 19 vendors DB) - application and data migration is a easy when you know how to do it. Repository: * Local: File system (multiple workspaces) * Server: * On-premise Team Work Server (TWS purchased separately) with access from the Internet. * Cloud VPository (1GB free, thin editor for some types of models). Robust: No problem with a large number of elements and links in the model (verified on large projects with hundreds of diagrams and tens of thousands of elements and links) OpenAPI: Very well documented, the ability to create custom plugins or applications for integration into a comprehensive solution. Document Generator: PDF, HTML, DOC that you can customize to your needs (easy use of DOT templates in Word), order and topicality of documentation is the basis of the work of an architect Interoperability: Export/import (16 formats) such as Excel, XML, XMI, OGAMEFF...this is very important: openness, not closing yourself off. Tiny, but important details: Language localization, matrix/chart for analysis, overview diagrams, mind maps, brainstorming tool, visual layers in the model, teamwork comments, rights and permissions within the project - important for specific requirements, never work yourself. View full review »
Artur Czernicki
Architekt IT with 201-500 employees
Using the Component Diagram, Visual Paradigm helps with design and control, reusing components. View full review »

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