VMware Horizon Cloud Primary Use Case

Christopher Scalise
NOC Manager at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
We don't internally use it, but we have clients who use it. I have used it myself in my prior job. We were not using the shared version where you share resources. We had dedicated resources for each desktop, which was one of the reasons why it was a little bit more expensive. This was one of the things I wanted to change before I left because you had people with 8 gigabytes of RAM and two processors assigned to them, but they were just doing emails. Every once in a while, they would use full resources while doing complex Excel tasks or something like that. They needed these resources all the time because whenever they didn't have them, the machine would freeze upon them for a little while and then start working, but that is not conducive to being efficient. The only solution was to give them more processing and memory. Unfortunately, that drives up costs because there is a cost associated with every processor and RAM you use. That's really the driving cost of it. I started getting the shared version where it would fluctuate with what is needed from a pool. In other words, if you had a pool of 120 gigabytes, it would fluctuate depending on the users' needs. If you put 40 users on 128 gigabytes, it is going to be cheaper than giving 40 users 8 gigabytes, which is 320 gigabytes. You cut your costs with that. View full review »
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