VMware NSX Room for Improvement

Edgar Parra
Technical Delivery Manager at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The upgrade process is okay overall, but we have encountered issues every time when upgrading with the ESXi hosts VIB installation packages not being properly deployed, and after upgrading NSX manager, the ESXi hosts still uses the old version. This causes additional steps to manually remove those old VIBs from the ESXi, reinstall them, and try again. In some cases, we had to uninstall and install them from scratch NSX and restore from backup, which in a real world scenario won't be desirable to do. You would like to have an in-place a seamless upgrade from one version to another, especially if you are changing minor versions (e.g., 6.3.1 to 6.3.2). View full review »
IT Specialist at a tech services company
Pricing and licensing could be improved as we are a government entity. Lower pricing could always help. View full review »
VMware NSX Engineer at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
So far, what I've seen here at VMworld, it seems to be improving just the same line as everything else. It's going to expand, grow and grow and grow. It's going everywhere. It's not just going into "I'm using the V version of NSX," but it's going out to every environment. It's going out to all the clouds so that even if you have the V, you can also use the cloud part and put it into there, so it seems to be growing where it needs to go. It still needs to grow. There are still some features that it doesn't do, like it doesn't do multicasting. It does do some multicasting, but it's within their own infrastructure, but multicasting in general, it doesn't do. View full review »
John Statt
Senior Solutions Architect at SMP
So the third-party marketplace is growing and growing for this product and being able to redirect traffic to them, to the third-party products in order to take advantage of those additional features, is wonderful. I think that one of the more important things to see better integrated into the NSX product would be an IDS/IPS type solution, which right now we're handing off to a third-party, which sometimes doubles the cost of the product. However, there are new products that we're learning about over the course of this week like AppDefense, that may actually help provide some additional capabilities in terms of that IDS/IPS type structure. View full review »
Todd Gould
Solutions Architect at IronBow Technologies
* Going through and getting more features sets from the routing protocols is definitely necessary for the future. * Being able to properly manipulate BGP * Getting multiprotocol BGP into the stack * A little bit better redistribution As a CCIE, I like to have all my tool sets, and there are some things which NSX is missing right now. It's missing some more advanced features. As an engineer, we need those tools. We need to be able to manipulate routes. We need to be able to set traffic the way that we need it to be. Especially as we interact with other vendors, sometimes it makes it difficult to have to do some workarounds. Once VMware flushes out the RFC for things like BGP and OSPF, it will be better. View full review »
Luke Kesselring
EVS Engineer 3 at Cabela's
Just being more knowledgeable about the different functions. I think the product is fine. It's just learning more about the product, and how you can benefit from it, and what it's got to offer. View full review »
Infrastructure Architect
They could branch out to the physical layer. Today, it's just the virtual layer, and they're starting to talk about the physical layer. We'd like to see the physical layer incorporated. View full review »
Roger Nurse
VMware SRM NSX SDDC Consulting Engineer -Trainer at Plan IT Virtual, LLC
* NSX Manager console: limit on number of NSX Controllers an architecture can have View full review »
Tarsio Moraes
Cloud Engineer at IBM
There is one feature I'm finding with VMware which is special for us from IBM with JIRA routing protocols. This is in the future that they are planning, especially right now with our compatible AWS. AWS is good, understood, except for the software to improve, probably with Amazon right now doing this partnership. VMware and access are going to be improved for that. View full review »
Adnan Ahmad- 2xCCIE (DC,SP)
Senior Network Engineer at a tech services company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Speed of the NSX Controllers while deploying sometimes gets a bit slower which can be improved, overall its a great product View full review »
Mohammed Amine Lablan
It should be more adapted to the physical side of network topology in order to prevent unavailability. View full review »

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