VMware Software Defined Data Center Room for Improvement

Pre-sales Consultant at Beta IT
The main problem that we are facing with this solution is vSAN stability. Sometimes, the storage becomes unstable. It is not an issue with integration; rather, it seems to be within vSAN. It could be the hardware that we are working with. VMware has confirmed the bugs, but have not told us to upgrade the hardware. It is compatible and everything is ok, so I don't know. VMware has done some upgrading and patching. Not all of the storage systems from other vendors can be integrated into this solution. The licensing for this solution should be improved. For example, you should be able to expand the SDDC with a compute-only node, rather than a hyper-converged node. Otherwise, you are buying a vSAN license for nothing. Their competitors, like Cisco, do not have this problem. They have to add the fibre channel storage so that it can be integrated with the SDDC nodes. That was the customer can utilize their storage for file-sharing, which most of the customers have. EMC Unity and HP3PAR connect using FC connectivity, but for this solution, we have to change everything in order to mount this storage to the SDDC node. Adding endpoint security to this solution would be a good improvement. View full review »
IT Architect at Poste Italiane
This is not yet a mature product. Initially, it is simple to use, but after some time in production, you've got problems. These are particularly related to the main design. The design phase is not easy. All of the stuff available on the website is not very carefully designed. We suffered for four months before obtaining the bug fix. I would like to see the process of building and setting up homogeneous classes made easier. We have some Intel machines and some AMD machines, are we cannot mix these within the same cluster. It is a big mess for us. As we want to scale, we do not always want to use the same kind of machine. View full review »
IT Infrastructure Strategy, Tranformation, & DC Operations, Data Science at KFMC
We would like to see more analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning capabilities in their products. Another good feature would be to have predictive analytics and remote monitoring to monitor the virtual infrastructure with integrations to social media apps, like WhatsApp and others. View full review »
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Hatim Ali
System Administrator at IMC
The most recent web-based interface has given us some problems. For example, if you delete a virtual machine or you delete storage then it takes a long time to refill it. In prior versions that were a client installed directly on the PC, the interface was more responsive. Things happened on time. I had a problem last week where one of my VMs was deleted, and it took perhaps thirty minutes to repair it. View full review »
Solomon Adebamowo
Techincal Sales Manager at ENTAP TECHNOLOGIES LTD
The virtualization has room for improvement. The Site Recorder Manager needs to be improved. We would like to have active-active replication. This solution is not efficient for small customers. Technical support could use some improvement. View full review »
Technical Administrator at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
The next version of this solution should include more automation. There should be more visibility in the performance and the configuration. They are using vRealize Log Insight as the virtualized log platform, but this solution is not well developed and not yet ready to use for advanced optimization and troubleshooting. View full review »
IT Supervisor at WACT
The automation of the solution needs improvement. We should be able to automate some processes. View full review »
Senior System Engineer at Clinique Pasteur
It would be an improvement to have more functionality with hardware products. For example, performing routine analytics on a hardware network would be useful because not many network switches can do it. View full review »
Mohamed Zein
Datacenter TeamLeader at Crystal Neworks Egypt
The interface should be improved because when there are many alarms, it is difficult to figure out what the error is. I have had a lot of trouble implementing automation in cloud-based deployments. The problem lies in the third-party integration. It would be very valuable if they offered shareable data center designs. View full review »
Aurelio Rodas
‎IT Specialist at Softshop s.a
The storage utilization needs to be improved. It is not a perfect product. It needs to be more secure and it needs more aesthetics. View full review »
Ron W. Szpak
Solution Architect at Extreme Network Engineering
The solution needs performance optimization of the VMware IO technology. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Azure Stack vs. VMware Software Defined Data Center and other solutions. Updated: January 2021.
454,950 professionals have used our research since 2012.