VMware vSphere Benefits

IT Supervisor at WACT
We have some downtime, but we can quickly recover from a disaster depending on the magnitude or the extent of the disaster using vSphere. The software will recover from any disaster that happens. We have also reduced our cost of production as well. vSphere has also improved our operational productivity. We have isolated servers that we couldn't integrate together, but now we can with vSphere, despite the fact that they are different models. Where they're different physical models, different memory models, you can integrate all of them. It makes our resources more available and our services more reliable to our users. View full review »
Senior Systems Analyst at Manufacturing Organization
We are able to increase the density of the virtualized servers and, with the increased density we have a lot of page sharing as well as memory sharing. We see performance increases from Server 2012 and forward; 2003 is debatable. There were negligible differences in 2012 but we did see benchmark performance improvement from utilizing Hypervisor and the increased density that comes with it. View full review »
Brandon Morris
System Administrator at City of Sioux Falls
As far as performance on vSphere goes, the performance is great. We've been running everything virtualized from VMware forever, so I can't really say that there has been a boost in performance, but I can tell, from version to version - and now out on version 6.7 - that everything is continuing to be better, faster, and stronger in everything that it does. vSphere has improved our organization and what we do because it easily enables all of us as IT professionals to provision and manage the vast quantity of servers and other resources that we have. For the about 400 virtual servers that we run, it takes less time to manage and take care of those than it does for the 25 physicals that we have, just because it's so easy to simply take care of it all in one common solution, in one pane of glass. View full review »
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David Grimes
VP of Product Engineering at Navisite
vSphere has improved our organization by allowing us to deliver rock solid stability to our clients in a cost competitive fashion. The industry has moved far beyond bare metal infrastructure, other than for very specific us cases. As an operator of mission-critical applications on behalf of our clients, we chose vSphere because we needed the operability we get from features like vMotion, the stability that it gives us, and the ability to run pretty much any workload. We host infrastructure for a very large number of clients. In many cases, we're running all their mission-critical applications in our data centers on top of vSphere. So, there is no single industry vertical. However, for each of our clients, we are their operator, and this is their mission-critical infrastructure. When I think about the performance aspects of vSphere, we've been using it since before there was vSphere. We were actually a very early partner of VMware. I've been with NaviSite for a very long time, and I recall doing a VMware GSX Server deployment, from a number of years ago. When I look at the performance aspects, I've definitely seen a reduction over versions from the virtualization penalty. This has been significantly reduced over the years. The size limitations of VMs, number of CPUs, amount of memory which can be allocated, and amount of storage which can be allocated are no longer of practical consequence. So, the monster VM that we talked about over VM Worlds of three to five years ago, they're here to stay, and those limits are no longer practical impediments to virtualization. View full review »
Kevin Williams
IT Analyst I at Sacramento City College
We have seen a performance boost. As we keep moving up to different versions it gets more seamless, it gets easier to maintain, to do updates to our virtual environment and to the physical end. We're also moving towards virtual storage. Moving to flash arrays and virtual storage is even speeding up our students' experience when using the virtual desktops. I would estimate a 25 percent boost. Another benefit we've seen is with our IT technicians. It used to be this IT was assigned to a specific area, and that was what they worked on. They had 300 or 400 machines that they would have to run around to, to maintain them; re-image them every semester. Now, with the virtual environment, they are able to keep more up-to-date on their applications, on their Windows updates, and do it in the background. They are able to refresh entire labs within less than an hour, rather than sitting there all day or all week refreshing all of the labs. We have a better, faster management. We have more productivity from our IT staff and more productivity from our students, as well. View full review »
Michael Huset
Senior Systems Administrator at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees
With the current compliance options that I have to go through, it's very nice to have a lot of the encryption built in. It checks a lot of boxes for the federal level so I don't have to either bolt something on or have something on top of it. Having it native and integrated into the system makes things much easier. Also, being able to manage a lot of servers in one pane of glass makes things a lot simpler. Basically, a lot of things just happen in one area. You can roll things over, move things around more dynamically, without having to hit multiple systems. Being able to manage it, in its entirety, is easier and better for us. View full review »
Preston Lasebikan
Lead Systems Engineer at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
As a connection for our business, it goes hand-in-hand. It being the only hypervisor that runs on top of Apple hardware the way we want it, there is no "us" without that. View full review »
Eric Garrison
Customer Engineer at ATTO Technology
We have a lot of customers that use VFRC, so the ability to put that together and now, with 6.7, to have full multipathing support, we do a lot of fiber channel work, we do a lot of fiber channel support. That makes it really easy with some of our own items to get them out there to the customers who need them. The redundancy, the failover, the ability to stay up and running 24/7, all the various tools that are in there, high-availability, DRS, are very critical to us. All of that has helped improve our organization. View full review »
Network Administrator with 5,001-10,000 employees
It's a big difference compared to having everything on hardware. In that situation, if you want to change memory, you have to bring your system down, open up the box, put new memory in - or a new processor, or any other hardware changes you want to make. With VMware, you may have to bring it down to make some changes, but then it's right back up again in a few minutes. It's a lot easier than if it was hardware. View full review »
Infrastructure with 5,001-10,000 employees
It's difficult to say if we had a performance boost when we moved to vSphere because we have been using VMware for a long time. Our ERP was actually the driving force behind our acquisition of VMware. We used that as the driver to get VMware in the door and going. Then, as we started to see what it was capable of doing - essentially running this entire heavy product - we started consuming more and more of our servers and eliminating physical machines, based on the success that we had with the ERP system. View full review »
Senior Systems Administrator at a consultancy with 5,001-10,000 employees
We have absolutely seen a performance boost, in particular with some of our legacy applications. For some of the legacy apps, we have seen at least a 75 percent increase. In addition, some of the newer applications have also seen a boost because they're just more efficient running on VM rather than on bare metal. For the newer apps, depending on how they're optimized, the increase has been at least 10 percent. Another benefit we have seen is the many-to-one relationship of VMs to hardware, versus one-to-one. It's a real win-win for our data center. It's a win-win for taxpayer dollars. And from a scalability point of view, we're able to rapidly scale workloads where we weren't able to do so before, working with just our pure hardware. In addition to that, it really fits nicely into our automation efforts, where we can dramatically reduce the deployment times for applications and the services we provide. View full review »
Head - Server and Storage at a financial services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees
When checking the utilization reports, the operational reporting and matrixes are a little weak. In terms of what has been the starting growth or trend analysis is something which, currently they have an add-on which we have not used because it's an add-on product, which we have not bought. As of now, they have this capability but I've not seen these features to be more integrated on the base product itself rather than having as a special add-on. View full review »
Senior Manager at a manufacturing company with 501-1,000 employees
Visibility: We can easily pull reports and give access to other people to look at specs or performance metrics. This came as a bonus to us. Yet, we have been using it for quite a long time (12 to 13 years). The solution is simple and efficient to manage. It has brought ease of use to employees who are not at a senior level. It has been able to expose minimal tasks which can relieve some of my senior guys to do engineering tasks, as opposed to help desk, reboots, restarts, etc. We have been able to pass some of those tasks along. View full review »
Raden Evangelista
Systems Engineerineering Manager at a wholesaler/distributor with 51-200 employees
We are able to replicate and create customer environments. We can do an upgrade path in production and see what the expectations of the upgrade will be on production by testing it in the lab internally first. Then, once everything is approved by the customer and it works well, we can roll it out to production. Therefore, the downtime is planned. The solution is simple and efficient to manage. With VMotion, I don't have to worry about resources. It can move things around. For example, I use Confluence and JIRA as part of our documentation to establish a process within the app. View full review »
Robert Cox
Systems Engineer at Vestmark inc
Between vMotion and all the HA, it has made my life a lot easier, and similarly for a lot of my colleagues, and my boss. View full review »
Brian Kirsch
Instructor at MATC
We don't do a lot with the encryption, but we do have the ability to encrypt something if we send it offsite. We have multiple locations, so we can encrypt our VMs, if necessary. However, we don't have a big need for it, but it's nice that it's there. Our mission critical is our classroom. If we have college students who can't work, they paid to be there, and are paying us for the environment. Therefore, if we're down for a day, that's a real problem. Given that people have a choice of where they can go for education, we have to be always available. Otherwise, they will go next door. For us, it's about a student's success and you can only do that if you're up and running. View full review »
Ayodeji Ariyo
Senior Network Engineer with 1,001-5,000 employees
We have seen a good 20-30 percent performance boost for our apps. Our underlying infrastructure is a full HPE shop. We've gone to full SSD drives at this point, so by doing that we have actually gotten a good performance boost. View full review »
Christie Brinker
Chief Technology Officer at Keeforce
While I don't have percentages to share, I can say that I have received a performance boost (using vSphere). The solution has improved our organization because it's made our jobs a lot easier. We're able to monitor all these customers and, with vSphere, they're much more stable than they were previously when they were on physical servers. The fact that they're more stable makes our jobs a lot easier. View full review »
Tony Reeves
Network Administrator
Since migrating over to vSphere, we're seeing a significant performance boost due to the fact that we've migrated over to an all-flash vSAN array. Previously we were running external storage SAN over fiber channel. We saw a significant increase, I would say at least a 50 percent increase, in our speeds due to our vSAN running on all-flash. It's been a huge improvement. The way that vSphere increases our availability in our organization is that it allows us to run our critical business workloads, keep them highly-available, run them at speed, and easily scale when we need to. View full review »
Ganesh Sekarbabu
Windows Virtualization Engineer at a tech vendor with 5,001-10,000 employees
vSphere helps our organization. Initially, we don't have an internal Cloud. We have an internal cloud, which is four years old now. We have 8000 to 9000 VMs standing in our internal cloud. We also implemented VDA using a VMware vSphere. So, it has been an absolutely pleasure having vSphere. We provide a service to our internal customers for our development center. We have internal cloud developers. If they require 1000 VMs or 500 VMs, and in the background, we're using a vSphere VMware product. View full review »
Rene Van Den Beden
Chief Architect at RoundTower Technologies
We've seen an increase of about five to ten percent for the mission-critical apps. Their code is a lot more optimized now that they're using it in the public cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS. In our organization, the lifecycle management has improved. What that means is our customers are spending a lot less time on "keeping the lights on." Day 2 Operations are being simplified a lot. View full review »
Jason Hong-Turney
Lead IT Systems Engineer at a tech consulting company with 10,001+ employees
In regards to a performance boost, I don't know at the application level, but I can tell you, purely at the vCenter level, that we have seen improvements in our ability to migrate from Windows to the appliance, now that there is full feature-parity across the stack. We're seeing reduced resource usage from the appliance, it's way more efficient in 6.7. Operations are able to complete faster, so we're happy. It has streamlined things for us. We've been able to standardize on the newer 6.7. It's definitely given us a path forward, where we might be able to look at expanding into the public cloud, augmenting our on-prem solution now that we have some sort of feature parity. View full review »
IT Analyst at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
We have seen an improvement in uptime. The whole hardware lifecycle process is easier, which was previously a pain. I find the solution simple and efficient to manage. It is not rocket science. It is easy to install and maintain. I didn't need to read a lot of books. The solution is quite handy. View full review »
Rob Pease
IT Director at Jewish Family Service
It saves us a lot of money. View full review »
Allan Trambouze
Senior Consultant at Cofomo
It is very simple to manage. Some of the benefits that we have seen are: * HTML5 * Web Client * It is fast and available. * It works well and is reliable. * The ESXi Quick Book is a good new feature because production people can quickly reboot the server, where previously it took a long time. * There is no need to have an iSCSI client. Some people use it, but the industry is moving to HTML5 clients. I am testing more products and advising my clients about what they should do and implement with the newest version of VMware. View full review »
Sajag Chaturvedi
IT Infrastructure Architect at a retailer
The product has improved the organization in terms of the infrastructure stability and security, balancing the resources, and providing cost saving. The cost savings and the TCO with vSphere are very good. We are using our vSphere for our new workloads in terms of Federation Services as well as for our VDI workloads. These are mission critical for us because they are the customer-facing. View full review »
Stephen Parker
Systems Engineer at BYU Idaho
The new HTML5 interface is much more robust; a lot fewer bugs in it, more features. It's an overall better experience for us. It's hard to say there has been a performance boosts for these apps but I would say it is a boost because the servers are much more responsive, the end-users complain less about it. So it must be a good thing. The main benefit of the solution is that it makes end-users able to use the interface much more effectively. They don't have to install a client on their machine, they can do it from their phone, their laptop, their tablet, any OS, anytime. It's a better experience for the end-user. View full review »
Sean Crawford
Information Systems Analyst at Sandag
In terms of a performance boost, we have seen about a 10 percent boost; not by much. Our workloads aren't CPU or memory-intensive, they're more idle-intensive with storage. The solution has improved our organization in terms of compliance. In the past, we struggled with VM encryption. We couldn't encrypt the virtual machines with older versions of vSphere without some kind of third-party tool. Now, with 6.7, it's all in the application itself, in vSphere. We no longer have to procure additional products to meet that requirement. We can just do it on the fly, and pass our audit with no issues. In terms of managing it, it's a lot simpler now with the vSphere HTML5 client. With the phase-out of the Flash client, which everyone doesn't like, it allows us as administrators to do our jobs far more efficiently than it did with the Flash client. View full review »
Trevor Napier
System Administrator at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
vSphere has improved our organization by far, and it's hard to even quantify. The ability to to virtualize systems and run those virtual workloads with a fewer number of servers is tremendous. We are still in the process of converting physical to virtual, but we are getting there. The mission critical apps that we use for our system are for monitoring different meters throughout households in the greater area in which we operate. View full review »
Desktop Support Supervisor at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
It's hard to say whether we've seen a boost for these apps since we were very much first onboard a long time ago with a VMware. But performance-wise, every upgrade we do, we see it gets better. Everything gets better: the networking gets better, NSX is getting better. Security-wise, that's been a really good thing for us, separating our network out a little bit more, automating our failovers. View full review »
Senior Architect at Art Van Furniture
The benefit of the solution is that you can create template-based servers within minutes. If you were to use a physical server, it would probably take several hours, if not a whole day, to get everything set up the way you need. View full review »
Systems Administrator at a energy/utilities company with 51-200 employees
It rides our entire corporate network. Everything inside of our corporate Windows domain (e.g., domain controller, database files, etc.) rides inside VMware. In the last three years, we have moved from a physical to a virtual environment. We have removed the need for backups and going to the office at three in the morning to change a server. I do everything during my business hours. It gave me my life back. View full review »
IT Infrastructure Architect at a transportation company with 1,001-5,000 employees
It decreased our overhead for our data center sizing, and it also increased our productivity by being able to deploy applications in a much more timely manner. We have also seen performance boosts. Although I can't give you an accurate number, I would estimate it at about a 40 percent increase. View full review »
Stephen Krujelskis
Senior System Administrator at a university with 501-1,000 employees
Benefits of vSphere: It saves me a ton of time, I can really quickly spin up new things to test them out or to respond to a need from the business. The way that it improves the way that the organization functions is that it makes us a lot quicker to respond to the needs of the business. View full review »
Mikael Korsgaard Jensen
Sr. Operations Engineer at Kamstrup
Since we started using vSphere, there hasn't been as much of a performance boost, but more flexibility and stability. We've actually been running vSphere or ESX since 2003. How vSphere has improved our organization is that we have a lot of fewer admins today than there were 15 years ago, and we have a lot more servers than at that time. But because of the flexibility and stability we encounter with vSphere, it's manageable. View full review »
Director at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
We have seen performance boosts for our mission-critical apps, with the ability to add compute at any time. We've been using this for so many years, so over that time we have probably seen performance increases of three to four times. As compute has increased we've been able to offer that to the apps. I don't know that I can give you a total percentage increase but it's a lot. Other benefits include high-availability, uptime, management is a lot easier, and a lower cost of support but with increased availability. That's a win. View full review »
Sr. Architect, Business Continuity at Sayers
Portability of infrastructure is the greatest asset of any virtualization platform. By using VMware solutions, there is no lock-in with a particular hardware vendor for compute, network, or storage needs. Likewise, the ability to run various guest operating systems further amplifies that flexibility. The overwhelming majority of my clients are able to use VMware's solutions for 100 percent of their software application needs. Finally, the ability of a running VM to be quickly relocated to another hypervisor or launched at another site via replicated storage greatly reduces downtime. View full review »
Blake Grover
System Admin with 1,001-5,000 employees
I would think there has been a performance boost. I don't know exactly what percentage, but maybe five to ten percent. For benefits for the organization, I don't know if they see a big difference, other than that performance boost, but I do know that it helps the engineers who work on the back-end to be able to manage the VMs; and improved access and experience for the engineers is a big improvement. View full review »
Chris Childerhose
Senior Engineer - Backup & Replication at ThinkON
Has kept our business running with very little downtime and our clusters balanced with DRS/HA. We are able to patch our hosts during production hours with the ability to keep services running. It has also given us the HA capabilities for our vCenter servers using the new built-in HA option for the appliance and never having to worry about downtime. View full review »
Raffaello Poltronieri
Cloud Solutions Architect at Clouditalia Telecomunicazioni
The HTML 5 is valuable in the measure of time saved, day by day. View full review »
Systems Administrator at a pharma/biotech company with 51-200 employees
Going from a purely physical environment before, we have seen a performance value boost. It also gives us greater flexibility and it allows us to adapt to our environment much more quickly than a standard hardware solution would. View full review »
Luis Gomez
Server Engineer at a financial services firm with 201-500 employees
Getting rid of our physical servers and going virtual is saving us some money in overall rack space. View full review »
Tom Pine
Lead Administrator at Comcast
It's awesome. It works. It does exactly what we want it. View full review »
Muhammad Tanvir Ashraf
System and Network Administrator at Gulf Precast Concrete Co. LLC
We are able to create virtual machines and move them from one host to another, controlling the resources. View full review »
Luis Arencibia
IT Operations Services Manager at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
It's easy to use. For an admin who is just starting to use it, it doesn't matter, since it's generally widely used. This is a big advantage. Anybody can just come in and start using it from day one. It's simple to use. I don't use it a lot, but I can get in and guide myself through the menus. That is what makes it intuitive and easy to use. View full review »
Ricky Santos
System Administrator at ON Semiconductor Phils. Inc.
The deployment of Enterprise VMware vSphere architecture helps us provide a robust and high availability infrastructure because of the combined features of VMware vSphere and VMware vCenter such as HA, DRS and Fault Tolerance. This base metal virtualization is highly compatible with almost all of the IT hardware. View full review »
Network Administrator at a mining and metals company with 201-500 employees
Virtualization has made it easier for us to manage our environment. We can manage it from location, the vSphere web client. We find the solution simple and efficient to manage. View full review »
Ajay Dand
Founder Director at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
As an enduser, I would say it has allowed us to have the flexibility of moving around our workloads on different machines, and not having to worry if anything is down. Since we are a small organization, we don't have a lot of hardware resources to spare. So, this consolidation helps us to aggregate a lot more services and solutions utilizing the same hardware. Of course, it also allowed us to upgrade our skills, which helped us when deploying other solutions. View full review »
IT Professional with 5,001-10,000 employees
We have seen a boost in performance in terms of delivery, but in everyday work, it's just like any other. Our delivery lift is probably more than 50 percent. In terms of delivery, very often we would have requests for adding some new applications which were not previously there. And in previous deliveries, we would have to lose a day or so to prepare the application. Today it takes me about two hours at the most. View full review »
System Administrator at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
We haven't seen a performance boost at all because we haven't been using the product long enough to be able to fairly evaluate it. But I have no complaints with the performance at this point. View full review »
Daniel Pietrasanta
IT Systems Engineer at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
We have seen a performance boost because we have been able to more dynamically allocate either memory or processors. It has provided us with cost reductions, a little bit more speed in deploying servers, and, of course, consolidation. View full review »
Stephen Murcott
System Administrator at j5 Software South Africa
It was brilliant to consolidate systems, and it provided the best way of doing it at the time, as far as I was aware. View full review »
Josh Abercrombie
IT Infrastructure Engineer at a retailer with 10,001+ employees
We run 3,000 VMs. It works for what we need it to do. All of our retail point-of-sale stuff, the back-end for that, is on VMware. We're retail, so everything is run in virtual. View full review »
Windows Systems Administrator with 1,001-5,000 employees
It meets all of our needs. View full review »
LuisFernando Fuentes Lopez
Infrastracture Administrator at a energy/utilities company with 501-1,000 employees
It has reduced our costs. View full review »
System Developer/Engineer at Navy Network Information Center (NNIC)
It saves us a lot of money on physical infrastructure through virtualization. Also, you can roll back in case a machine crashes. That saves a lot of money and time. It also saves physical space, energy, and it removes physical limitations, with virtualization you can go anywhere in the world. View full review »
Sandy Aitken
VP Cloud Business at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
I use this solution on AWS, which is pretty standard. It is fairly easy to use and has enhanced security. View full review »
IT Manager at a construction company with 51-200 employees
We use it to incorporate our infrastructure around one product. View full review »
Electronic Engineer in Telecommunications and Master in Technologies and Systems of Communications at QUANYX
Less space is need. It reduces the space of the infrastructure in the data center. The easy of use with reduced space provides a better use of infrastructure. View full review »
Justin Melton
Engineering Manager at Turnkey Cyber Solutions
We are distributed across the nation and are primarily all remote employees. I was able to build our private cloud with the tool. View full review »
Bobby Shirley
Desktop Support Specialist at Bank Independent
It makes managing your virtual servers easier and more centralized. View full review »
Huy Le Quang
Solution Architect at Viettel IDC
* High availability causes downtime service because it is needed to reboot VMs. * Fault tolerance is limited by the four vCPUs. * The service provider is not easy to integrate via API like OpenStack. View full review »
Orhangazi Yıldırım
System Architect at KT Bank
Using vSphere we have virtualized over one thousand servers and this gave us management, cost and datacenter space advantages. View full review »
Lead System Engineer at MITRE Corporation
It provides more efficient use of compute resources through virtualization, making our infrastructure more cost-effective. It makes deployment and management of resources easier so that we can be more agile in our projects. View full review »
Head of Technological Architecture at a energy/utilities company with 10,001+ employees
We saved a lot of time and hardware with this solution. It also prevents fewer incidents. View full review »
Charlie Karam
Chief Technology Officer at Motor City Stamping Inc
We have reduced maintenance and power consumption, as well as the recovery time that is required for any failures. View full review »
David Chief
This solution offers an easy OS upgrade and safe migration in a live environment, where downtime is extremely costly. View full review »
Marcus Hall
Senior Automation Specialist at Federal Reserve Bank Of San Francisco
It has allowed us to be more resilient to infrastructure and hardware failure, reduced hardware costs, and decreased recovery time from failures. View full review »
Muljo Witono
CEO and Owner at PT Solusindo Total Teknikatama
It helps to automate the data replication and DR. View full review »
Sree Kumar
Infrastructure Manager at Petrolink
This solution provides production uptime with its DRS and failover features. View full review »
Jason Place
Systems Security Administrator at Twin River Casino
A gold standard of server virtualization. View full review »
Tim Crabtree
Internship Student at na
Consolidation and normalization. View full review »
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406,607 professionals have used our research since 2012.