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Sr. Pre-Sales Engineer at Advanced Technology Company
Reviewed VxFlex (VxRack FLEX): All in one box solution that is…
CTO at Cloud Technology
Reviewed VxFlex (VxRack FLEX): Enables us to manage all of our…
Vice President - Head of Technology at a financial services firm
Reviewed VxFlex (VxRack FLEX): A great centralized platform with…
Activity Manager at SNEF
Reviewed VxFlex (VxRack FLEX): A good product for storage needs…
Project Management Consultant at a software R&D company
Reviewed VxFlex (VxRack FLEX): Enables users to attach additional…
Hardware Team Leader at Giza Systems
Reviewed VxFlex (VxRack FLEX): Good stability and scalability with…
IT Analyst at a health, wellness and fitness company
Reviewed VxFlex (VxRack FLEX): Good integration, suitable for…
Network Administrator at Kakira Sugar
Reviewed VxFlex (VxRack FLEX): An easy initial setup, very good…
Enterprise Service Manager at Technology Associates Limited
Reviewed VxFlex (VxRack FLEX): A high-availability solution with…
Principal Data Centre Specialist at a financial services firm
Reviewed VxFlex (VxRack FLEX): Has reduced our downtime on the…