WatchGuard Firebox Throughput

How would you assess the throughput or the performance the solution provides?

Hiro Amano
IT Manager at Yamazen Inc
The throughput of the solution is good.
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Richard Marcin
Sr. Systems Administrator at a individual & family service with 201-500 employees
The throughput the solution provides is excellent. I have not had any performance-related issues with any of the Fireboxes I have used, because I always get the right size.
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I.T. Manager at a construction company with 201-500 employees
We've been very happy with the throughput and the performance the solution provides.
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Rick Phillips
IT Manager at IDI Distributors Inc.
The throughput is excellent. It's only limited to our bandwidth. We haven't had any trouble with throughput. The throughput of the firewall, in all cases, seems to be better than the bandwidth available. It's not the bottleneck.
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John Farmer
Manager/Senior Systems Administrator at a tech services company
The throughput over the performance that the solution provides is great. It provides what they say, so it matches the specifications.
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IT Manager at Horizon Forest Products
The throughput the solution provides is good.
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Joseph Redmond
Woodworker at Creative Woodworking NW
I'm happy with the throughput on the T30.
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Owner at
You can control how you want things to go in and out of it. So, it is great for that.
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IT Manager at a engineering company
I tend to buy the hardware platform that's like one level above where we think we absolutely have to be at a minimum, so the performance has been adequate or good. I've yet to hit an issue where I feel the device is slowing us down or causing any issues because of the performance of the device, itself. We're usually limited more by our actual bandwidth. It's been great as far as our network and needs go.
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Jon Leib
Information Technology Specialist at a healthcare company with 51-200 employees
There hasn't been a noticeable change in slow down from the throughput the way that some firewall solutions might cause. Now, my end users don't even realize that it is there.
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Prepress/Systems Manager at a printing company with 51-200 employees
The throughput and performance are excellent. I have never had a problem with them.
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John Rhines
Network Administrator at Advanced Software Designs
The throughput is great. It's perfect. We have no issues whatsoever.
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John Giacco
Network Administrator at Peace Bridge
It certainly handles what I pumped through it, which is about 150MB.
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