WebLogic Suite Customer Service and Technical Support

Nick Savvides
Oracle Fusion Middleware specialist at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
Officially it's not supported, but we do get support when it's required. For example, approximately six months ago there was that day-zero vulnerability bug that had to be patched. The patch that we applied on WebLogic actually broke some environments. We logged tickets and worked with Oracle and they were able to support us, isolate the issue, and give us new fixes. The support was very good and worked very well. From this experience, I would rate the technical support quite highly. They were able to pinpoint the issue quite rapidly and assist us with a new patch. I would rate them a nine out of ten. View full review »
Jordan Braunstein
Consultant Principal on: MuleSoft Expert, Oracle Fusion Expert, webMethods Expert; Dev, SA, EA, PM at Visual Integrator Consulting
Some of that comes from experience because obviously we've done a lot of implementations. We've had to do things such as open support tickets, call in to support, it can obviously range from low priority to high priority production downtime systems. If you're not an Oracle customer and you haven't had that experience yet, you can actually ask one of the Oracle partner such as us what's been your experiences of support. We do things as well where if Oracle support isn't moving fast enough for a particular issue, we'll actually sometimes provide that level of support to a customer as well. It's not to replace Oracle support by any means but certainly, it's an ability to support the customer and their applications but Oracle being a very large company, they do a lot of R&D investment in the support so we've seen pretty good results from that. Sometimes folks are always concerned that the person working on their support ticket doesn't have the knowledge. We've noticed Oracle has done a pretty good job at doing escalations from their Tier One support to their Tier Two and Tier Three in order to get the software engineers working on patches or fixes and so forth. Overall, the support has been pretty good. If you've been an Oracle customer in the past, you would expect the same level of support but if you haven't had that chance, then you would try to ask some questions, do some references with other Oracle customers, talk to their partner community and so forth in order to do that level of evaluation. View full review »
James Lui
Team Lead - Oracle Applications DBA at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Customer Service: Service with Oracle tends to be directly related to your amount of new product purchasing. This can be a disadvantage to mature and stable installations that don't tend to expand much (i.e. don't expect weekly follow-up calls.) A significant improvement will be experienced by customers who adopt one of Oracle's emerging technology products (such as Cloud-based WebLogic Services) wherein the success of your implementation often becomes the next customer reference for Oracle. That doesn't last forever, but it's nice to experience during the often rocky start-up stages of new technologies. Technical Support: My Oracle Support takes a little getting used to for new customers used to more narrowly focused technology vendors. The vast number of different products Oracle supports has created a bit of a maze of how to get connected to the technology group best capable of answering a particular question, or dealing with an issue. For example, what starts as a "My application isn't available" issue might stem from access management, database, middleware technology, the application group, or because some third-party plugin failed causing a cascade failure. Oracle does attempt to support all of its products with alacrity, but it helps a lot for you, as the customer, to know how it all fits together. Your perception could range from 4 to 9/10 depending on your experience level with the products. View full review »
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President at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
When you open a ticket it is resolved in a timely fashion, absolutely. Obviously Oracle has a an advanced process with these things, like the priority of the service request. Based on that it is resolved. We're happy with how it gets prioritized and the service we're getting. View full review »
Senior Enterprise Architect at a healthcare company with 11-50 employees
Technical support is very costly. We tried to connect our healthcare systems with Oracle, and it needs a lot of support. We would needs to hire a consultant, and the consultant would cost us $4,000 a day. Therefore, it's very costly to integrate with the other systems, which is why we are looking for other alternatives. View full review »
Hamid Mukhtar
Assistant Professor at a university with 5,001-10,000 employees
I've never had to reach out to technical support. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Oracle, F5, Apache and others in Application Infrastructure. Updated: October 2019.
372,906 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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