WebLogic Suite Scalability

Jordan Braunstein
Consultant Principal on: MuleSoft Expert, Oracle Fusion Expert, webMethods Expert; Dev, SA, EA, PM at Visual Integrator Consulting
WebLogic is a really robust platform for scalability. They have a lot of features in it around clustering, disaster recovery, elasticity to be able to provision and de-provision instances of WebLogic pretty quickly. We feel scalability is actually one of the sweet spots for WebLogic, the ability to ramp up for concurrent transactions, concurrent users and so forth. We've done a lot of performance testing on it. We've ramped it up through some of our performance testing tools and seen really good results. The key is to be able to maintain a good solid level of performance even though the number of users is increasing or the number of concurrent transaction is increasing and we've seen really good metrics come out of WebLogic. Still the ability to do things like supporting ten seconds or less transactions or click times for end-users and that's really the key is can this still have the same level of performance as you're increasing the volume in the load? View full review »
James Lui
Team Lead - Oracle Applications DBA at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Being extremely scalable is one of WebLogic's best features. If you anticipate dramatic upward changes in capacity, one of Oracle's Universal License Agreements might be the best approach as it decouples the CPU-based license costs from the costs to scale. In our case, we often use the same WebLogic servers for multiple applications to reduce overall licensing and maintenance costs. As long as the application is compatible with a particular version, they can co-reside (multi-tenant) on the same WebLogic cluster, keeping in mind that the additional CPU and memory resources need to be accommodated. View full review »
President at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
It has scaled well to our needs over time. View full review »
Senior Enterprise Architect at a healthcare company with 11-50 employees
Scaling is costly. View full review »

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