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Network Engineer at XCOM Managed Services
Nov 02 2017

What do you think of Webroot Web Security [EOL]?

Valuable Features Deployment Small footprint • Improvements to My Organization Webroot is a cloud-based endpoint protection application. The agent is under 1MB, and you do not notice it running, even when it is scanning. • Room for Improvement There is not much to improve on. • Use of Solution We have been using this solution for over two years now. We have not had a single infection reported during this time. • Deployment Issues No issues, other than you are not sure if the agent is installed because it was faster than the human eye. • Stability Issues Very stable. Works on both servers and workstations. • Scalability Issues Scaled out fine. • Customer Service and Technical Support Customer Service: Customer service is good, if you ever have to...


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The Webroot SecureAnywhere Web Security Service enables businesses to achieve the balance between employer and employee needs. It prevents internet abuse, minimizes web-borne malware risks and enforces the content and access policies that optimize productive web usage. By offering cloud level protection, the Webroot approach intercepts malware before it reaches your network or endpoint devices. With the Webroot SecureAnywhere Web Security Service, both on- and off-network users receive the same high level of security, no matter how or where they connect. Webroot makes it easy to create and enforce internet usage policies without on-premise management hardware and software, thereby delivering considerable operational savings in both infrastructure spending and IT man hours.

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