Weka Primary Use Case

Abuto Vincent
Data Scientist at Freelancer
I've handled different projects with this solution. After college, I've handled different projects. The most recent project that I handled was for a company from India. They were looking for a measure classification in regards to the type of engines that cars have, and the pollution levels that they have. There was a mixture of text data that had to be classified. There was the need to transform the text data to a data type that would be easily classified. When employing text data you can't do classification directly. I had to clean the data and program all the variables to suit the required information. View full review »
Samir Kumar Singha
Solution Architect / Data Scientist (upwork) at Freelancer
Weka is a machine learning tool where we can use supervised and unsupervised learning tools to detect anomalies, for clustering, or classification algorithm. The deployment method depends on the business's requirements. When I worked at the Air Force, it was all cloud. I deployed it on the cloud but that was treated as on-premise because that is confined within the Air Force. It depends upon the requirement of the user. If they want it on-premise, I can provide that. If they want it to be hosted on AWS or any other cloud services, that can also be done. View full review »
Dilhani Withanage
Data Scientist - Upwork at Freelancer
I work a lot with university students. One of the latest projects I did was related to a classification problem. I had to use different algorithms such as neural networks, Support Vector Machines, nearest neighbor algorithm, decision trees — those types of different algorithms in order to do the machine learning parts. I can't remember the exact data set that I recently worked with, but when it comes to machine learning and data mining, I have worked with different data sets. I use many algorithms in Weka in order to train and test those data sets. View full review »
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Kh.Ehsanur Rahman
Freelance Data Scientist at Freelancer
My domain is pure data analysis and data science machine learning. The first time I used Weka, five years back, I did a research project. I prefer to work with Weka whenever I have small and clear projects. Weka is a very nice tool and it helped me to solve any machine learning problem in one minute. In case of machine learning algorithms, classification, or support machines, I used to use this tool to implement those algorithms. Whenever I get any work on any other platform suppose in hours. So what I initially do, I ran the data set in the Weka platform first. It gives me a clear view that this data set has certain attributes and offers some observations. I can implement different machine learning algorithms if this is a classification. I use two or three algorithms. If we find that the performance of the logistic regression is good then I can implement those in other platforms also. Weka is a good tool for any analysis. There are some missing values there. We can replace the missing values using the mean values. I use that filter to see which names were replaced. It's in the filter, then we have to go to that unsupervised, then replace missing values. I use that filter to replace missing data. Weka has the option to check important attributes. I use that internally, I found that everything is important. Then initially I applied my dataset to implement the classification problem. There is less demand for projects that require Weka as opposed to R or Python. View full review »
Data Science at Freelancer on UpWork
I have only used Weka for classification and clustering. I have also used classification with embossing. View full review »
Xavier Suriol
Freelancer at Freelancer
I mainly use this solution for regression trees, and for association rules. Also, some descriptive statistics because they are very easy. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Weka, Knime, IBM and others in Data Mining. Updated: November 2020.
447,439 professionals have used our research since 2012.