Windows Server Failover Clustering Pricing and License Cost

Systems Network Engineer at a computer software company with 11-50 employees
The licensing is kind of convoluted. We have to pay licensing costs twice. Once because we're a software as a service (SaaS) company where people access our servers. I have to get the service provider license purchased. I purchased that from Dell, but it's a Microsoft license subscription and it's about $150 a month. The second licensing we have to worry about is surrounding our other licenses as a Microsoft partner, which is actually mostly free for us. That's not bad, however, that's only because we're a Microsoft partner. Otherwise, for our internal business servers, we'd have to purchase another license. The clustering itself is free with Windows. Therefore, if I buy the Windows licenses it has it on the VMware. However, if I buy that license and a licensed server, then the license comes with a server as far as the clustering. It's confusing. On top of that, if we wanted to go with the Microsoft hyper-converged environment, then our costs go through the roof. It just gets crazy expensive due to the fact that the data center version is so expensive and that's their hyper-converged solution. A hyper-converged solution comes with the Windows Server, however, it's a set data center version, so the price escalates quickly. View full review »
Reto Koenig
Consultant at Unisys Corporation
Unlike twenty years ago, the setup of a failover cluster is a straightforward process which can be automated easily. The functionality is included in Windows Server licences. View full review »