Windward Studios Design Capabilities

What are your impressions of this solution’s layout and design capabilities?

Juriaan Kloek
IT implementation consultant at BearingPoint Caribbean
For the Designer we use AutoTag which is a Microsoft Word plugin. In general, it's easy to use, it doesn't have a very steep learning curve in. It's not difficult for people who know Microsoft Office well to start using the AutoTag tool. The plugin looks good, it has an easy look and feel. It feels just like you're in a Microsoft Office environment with some extra functionality. It's well done. The quality is good, there are no layout glitches, no design glitches in the front end of AutoTag designer.
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Hit Mistry
Vice President at PSC Group, LLC
Windward's interface is quite user-friendly. I have helped more than a dozen of my clients get up to speed on how to use the Windward Designer. In all cases, two to three days is all you need to have somebody be proficient enough to start creating templates. There is very little training required, and the more technical you are, the quicker you'll pick it up. Even nontechnical individuals have had no issues getting up to speed on the product, it's use, and to be able to start creating templates.
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Head of Client Evolution And Services at AxeFinance
The layout and design capabilities are very flexible.
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Valarie King-Bailey
The layout and design capabilities are fantastic; that's really the focus.
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Mike Horrocks
Vice President of Product Management at Baker Hill
It's pretty easy to utilize from an end-user point of view. They're able to make adjustments and it doesn't require massive services-engagement or anything like that to make adjustments and to invoke those across the entire enterprise. In terms of layout and design, our clients can be easily trained on it. Within just a matter of hours, our training department can make it so that it's something that our users can actually be quite successful in invoking and utilizing it. In that sense, it's spot on. It's simple, it's pretty intuitive, and it's robust enough that it does the more difficult documents that our clients build within the system.
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