Windward Studios Previous Solutions

Juriaan Kloek
IT implementation consultant at BearingPoint Caribbean
We are using the BeInformed platform which is a low-code platform, a process-modeling platform to build applications. This suite had document generation tool integrated. It's not a very well-known tool but it was an FOP and XSLT-based technology they used to generate PDF documents. We switched because our document generation process was tedious generating a lot of errors. Our business consultants would draw up specifications and send them to the technical guys who would then use the FOP and XSLT technology to design those documents. Of course, the technical guys don't always understand the business so the documents would come out differently than expected. There were a lot of issues, and by eliminating that whole step, the whole document generation process is a lot more efficient. It's a lot easier to design the right documents with a customer looking over our shoulders while we're designing the documents in Microsoft Word. View full review »
Solutions Architect at a financial services firm with 501-1,000 employees
The previous solution was home-grown, an internally-coded solution that could not be leveraged. It was for template-building, it was a hard-coded document-generating engine. We didn't even have templates for it and it was very difficult to make any changes to the documents that were generated. The documents were not very pretty. They were very not marketing- or design-friendly. In another part of the business, we used SSRS, which is a Microsoft report builder, for some documents. But that was not really good either. As soon as you had multiple pages it didn't work very well either. We went from a home-grown, 20-year-old legacy solution to using this product. View full review »
Mike Horrocks
Vice President of Product Management at Baker Hill
We did not really have a previous solution. Most of the time, before Windward, it was just Microsoft Office products. View full review »
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Valarie King-Bailey
We were not using anything prior to Windward. There's nothing on the market really quite like Windward. We looked. We looked high and low. We had been trying to find a solution like this for almost eight years. We saw some that were somewhat similar to it, but none that did what Windward does. View full review »
Hit Mistry
Vice President at PSC Group, LLC
We were previously using a combination of things. We were using SSRS, which is Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, and reports out of Microsoft Access. So, we were able to consolidate both of these applications and leverage Windward to do all of our reporting. We switched to Windward because it easier to use, easier to maintain, and more cost-effective. View full review »
Jim Aiken
SVP, Product Development at High Line Software Corporation, a Neogov Company
We used to use Oracle Reports before this. We had gotten word that Oracle was phasing it out, plus it was something that you really had to be technical to use, and you had to have their tool to make any changes. It was a challenge at times, so we looked for a new solution. Before that, we were on a tool called Speedware. I've been here for a long, long time through several generations of software. Technology changes. You have to move to new tools that keep up with the software that you're using. View full review »
Mike Bellrose
Co-Owner at a tech company
The only report generation I had done prior to this, was creating our own HTML reports. It was very time consuming and tedious. I wanted to find a software set that would allow me to generate Excel and Word reports that would look the way I wanted them to look. I am a non-programmer, so I needed a software set that would allow me, as a non-technical programmer, to be able to accomplish that. I did evaluate building a custom solution, but the cost of producing reports of this complexity, and building it myself from scratch, would have taken me three to possibly even 10 times the amount of time it took me to create these templates. And instead of creating them myself, I would have had to employ developer resources to create them. The cost would have been quantum-fold more than what we've invested in the Windward solution. View full review »
Information Technology Manager at a healthcare company with 51-200 employees
Our previous report-generator product, it performed just as well. As I mentioned before, they're large reports but small in volume. It's not like we're processing one or two-page documents and doing hundreds of thousands of them. These are 200-page documents and they're ad-hoc; so a user would select it, run a report, and then a report would be generated. I think we're getting performance around around 45 seconds for a 200 page document, and most of that was the actual running of the query. I don't think we can actually build a report generator from scratch, so that's why we went with Windward. We were using Microsoft SSRS before, which was no longer supported by the vendor, and we also looked at another Australian-based product that does something similar, but we ended up going with Windward really for the level of support we got from them during our proof of concept, and also the printing as well. View full review »
Systems Support Specialist at a construction company with 5,001-10,000 employees
We used another solution prior to this one, and it had almost no tech support. Font styles, sizes, and paragraph spacing would change, for no apparent reason. Sometimes, the field codes would appear, instead of the data that they were supposed to bring in. View full review »
Head of Client Evolution And Services at AxeFinance
We used Crystal Reports previously. We switched because, at that time, as far as I know, Crystal Reports didn't properly manage the TinyMCE field component. View full review »
Neil Carroll
Product Management & Owner at a financial services firm with 11-50 employees
We previously used a solution that merely transformed HTML into PDF. We still had to transform the JSON data into HTML format. This process was slow, and design- and resource-intensive. Getting fidelity feedback on changes and updates was extremely slow. Our company is built on producing data fast and with fluidity, but providing a means to display the data in a human readable format was a huge bottleneck for us. We needed something that could keep pace with our data development. View full review »
COO/VP Operations & Software Exec at a tech services company with 51-200 employees
I don't believe we had another solution at the beginning. We started, and have stayed, with Windward. View full review »
Paul Fendley
Web Specialist
Custom solution, as noted elsewhere in this review. View full review »
Sabina Suster
Business Technology Analyst
For now I have only had experience with Crystal Reports. We were searching for something that is suitable and pleasant for our customers, user-friendly and so on. This was the most important requirement for us. We did not consider building a custom solution. We went with a package solution because our external vendor recommended it to us. They said that this is the only option, that they are working only with Windward and it is the only option for the IT system we are using. View full review »
Haleh Mehrabadi
.Net Developer - Data Analyst
We previously used C# codes for generating reports. Due to upgrading technology, we decided to use a better tool. View full review »
COO at a tech services company with 11-50 employees
We previously used our own solution based on iText but wanted something easier for non-developers to use. View full review »
We used a custom solution. A custom solution needs a lot of work. View full review »
Yes. We switched as it was no longer supported. It didn't meet our needs or our clients'. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Docmosis vs. Windward Studios and other solutions. Updated: January 2020.
397,408 professionals have used our research since 2012.