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What is Wonderboard?

Wonderflow is innovating the market research industry and helping world's best brands to drive consumer-based innovation.

It is proven that consumer centric companies perform better than product centric ones. The challenge is how to collect, analyse and process all consumer feedback and turning it into useful insights and actions. This is what Wonderflow does.

The results that Wonderflow provides affect millions of our clients'‚Äč consumers. Therefore, we always deep dive into their needs and challenges when starting a collaboration.

The center of our strength lies in our text- and sentiment analysis software that can process multi channel and multi language free text feedback. The results of our analysis are presented in an easy to use, non technical dashboard we call The Wonderboard.

We are a team of young and great professionals with strong experience in building, driving, managing ICT companies, both in B2C and B2B market.

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