Wonderflow Overview

What is Wonderflow?

Millions of product reviews are written every day. Wonderflow is the simplest AI-based solution to analyze them and turn this extremely vast stream of customer feedback into winning decisions.

Unified VoC analytics help B2C companies extract value from consumer feedback like online reviews, support center records, and NPS

Wonderflow's AI analyzes the Voice of Customers from all over the world, both from your buyers and your competitors'. The Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology then provides you with easy-to-digest insights, not complicated procedures. Everyone should have access to the best information when making decisions.

Did you know that a higher rating equals higher revenue?

With Wonderflow's Artificial Intelligence, you can easily find the hundreds of different topics mentioned by your customers. The prescriptive and predictive engine can then determine what product characteristics are most relevant when trying to increase your star rating.

Customer Experience and Competitor insights as seen by the buyers

Customers don't talk exclusively about you but about your competitors too. Wonderflow can show you not only what they are saying about your products, but you can easily access insights on your competitors' lineups and gain an advantage.

Wonderflow is Simple, Accurate, Integrated, Predictive

This is why Fortune 500 companies have chosen it as the leading tool to become customer-centric and stay ahead of the competition.

Learn more about Wonderflow: https://www.wonderflow.ai/

Wonderflow Customers

Philips, Uber, Samsung, Grundig, TomTom, DHL, Lavazza, Beko, Pirelli, Prima.it, Scholl

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