Worksoft Certify Room for Improvement

Judy Zeman
QA Manager at Carrier Global Corp.
I would like the ability to more easily modify the report from the Capture feature. One of the things I don't like is that it keeps repeating all the field selections throughout. To me, if we put them up front, we shouldn't have to repeat them at the different steps. It should just be Pass/Fail and show the screenshot. I've talked to them about this in the past. There's another part of the Worksoft suite that probably does a better job at documentation for training purposes and providing an understanding of business process. It's the Certify BPP which we're not using right now because we're really focusing on automating all these different ERP systems. Whereas the testing is very detailed, which is great for the auditors and it's great for the users because they see everything we're doing, it makes for some big PDFs. It's a double-edged sword. Also, with the codeless process automation across packaged applications, once in a while, if we get a weird application that's not widely used, it gets a little stickier. First, the software has to learn the fields, so you have to identify all the fields. Once you do that, as long as there isn’t any non-standard code in the application, then it works fine. But there's that one step that you have to do, a step you don't have to do with SAP and Salesforce, for example. In addition, Worksoft definitely needs to continue the march toward bringing in more and more of the software that people commonly use. They're doing that, but they can only march so fast. I know Worksoft is doing some stuff with RPA. There are other tools that strictly do RPA, but aren't automated testing so I'm not sure if they will be able to compete with those. I know that we did do some automation, what we call "bots," with Worksoft, and it was clunkier than some of the RPA tools that are currently on the market. I suspect that they'll come up with a very competitive offering. I would also like to see some better reporting of testing status, reporting that we can easily generate to say "Okay, we're 50 percent done and we've got 10 fails and 800 passes." That's what test management software is for and Certify integrates with that. Bang-for-buck, it's probably not a great place for Worksoft to invest. They're probably better off with RPA and bringing on the ability to more easily test software, like Salesforce and CPQ. I'd love to be able to do that as easily as I can with SAP. I would like that same ability to use Capture in CPQ, instead of using Silverlight. View full review »
Colin Hickman
Test Automation Engineer at a healthcare company with 1,001-5,000 employees
Looking at it as a product fully packaged, I would like to see more documentation or ease of use of the documentation. Sometimes documentation does exist but we have to search three different sites to find the proper way to do things or track down the technical document that explains certain fields. That, in turn, relates to the ease of use and how objects interact with each other. The application could lend itself to be simpler. Another area that I would like to see improved is how the permissions are applied. If you're applying permissions groups to a user, one of the options is to delete the group entirely and lose the entire permission group, rather than just deleting the permission from the user, which seems a little silly. In my opinion, that whole module of permissions is very confusing and lends itself to common errors. We have to rebuild permissions occasionally. The functionality is all there. I just think the way it's packaged can be confusing. We are successful and we can get things working the way they're intended to in Worksoft. It's just that sometimes finding how to do that, or where it is described, can be difficult. View full review »
Heather Whitfield
IT Program Manager at Applied Materials
I would like more reporting in analytics. There is a lot of manual work for us as program managers and test managers which has to do with supporting our value statements. E.g., if there is some way that we could systematically capture how long it is taking for automation processes to execute, then we could insert some notes as far as here is how long it took for them to do the manual capture. Then, we could calculate time saved and have a formula for savings. If they have some templates that we could all partner, there are a lot of customers who have created their own, but with the new companies coming onboard. Do they create them on their own or do they try to leverage the best practice within our customer community? There is more we can do here. View full review »
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Configuration Owner at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
When you are using an older version of Worksoft Certify, like version 10, Capture will be running under your status bar. Then, you don't know what transactions you are currently recording. In the old version, you don't have the visual of the capture. It works well with other tools, but there is some integration required with Solution Manager. If you are using test repository in your solution manager, then there is no direct integration between Solution Manager and Worksoft Certify. There is an improvement needed in the reporting within Worksoft Certify. We have either a detailed report or a summary report. We don't have report that can be used for training purposes. A different tool from Worksoft has to be utilized for this. Worksoft Certify needs a bit of improvement for its web-based processes. It can be difficult because you need to recall the maps, then you still have to add-on for your browser. When you are using the browser-based testing, you cannot even move your mouse or do anything on your system when you are using the web-based testing. Therefore, it needs a bit of improvement on that side. While it does work, it needs improvement. From the SAP side, there is nothing better than Worksoft Certify. However, from the web-based, we are moving towards Fiori. SAP will soon be totally web-based. For Fiori, they need to be great with SAP testing. Thus, Worksoft has to improve the web-based testing part for Certify. They have a lot of versions coming out every year, like four or five versions. They need to reduce this number. There should be one or two versions every year with add-ons, if necessary. Because if you want to upgrade your Worksoft Certify from an older version to a newer version, you almost need to reset the solution and we don't have that much time. We cannot dedicate four times a year to having the newest version of Worksoft Certify. Though, if I don't need the need changes or improvements, I can skip the most recent upgrade until the next version comes out. View full review »
Joe McIvor
SR. Business Process Partner, Commercial Operations at GSK at a pharma/biotech company with 10,001+ employees
We went into this with the thought that we wanted to be able to hand this off to a business user, so the business user could develop their own test cases automatically through automation. We are not seeing that. We still have it assigned to an IT professional, someone who is certified in Certify. We constantly have to have that type of person around who can build these test cases for us. At the moment, there is not an automated testing tool out there that will allow a business user to develop their own test cases, and certainly not at the level that we want it to be it. So, this may not have been a realistic goal on our side to expect that one of our business people, who has their real job, could spend a couple hours here and there developing test cases on an automated testing tool, like Worksoft or any other. It's a software package, and you have to know the software to be good at it. You have to have a certification in the tool to be able to be really good at it. It would be great if our business testers could develop their own automated test cases. However, we either have to bring them up to a level of certification on the software or go hire somebody to do it. Worksoft, in essence, is the Mercedes-Benz of testing tools. If you want a Mercedes-Benz, you have to pay a bit more money. With every release you do, you have to go back and touch your old test cases and bring them up to speed, or develop new test cases. In the beginning, that is a challenge because you have to have someone who is certified in the tool to help you develop these test cases. It is a little complex for someone who is not in the autotesting space to learn it. Like any software, you don't show up to use Oracle Database on day one and think you know it. You have to learn it, get certified in it, and understand it. This tool is similar in that sense. You have to have someone who knows the tool and knows how to use it. It's not something that your business users are gonna pick up, especially if they have a day job. It will take a long time for them to pick it up without full dedication and going to get certified. View full review »
Vincent Immink
Test Automation Architect at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
Performance on the web UI part, especially with some of the more comprehensive Fiori features, like the complex tables that are being used, could be improved. In those cases we have noticed a lot of execution-time increase with regards to the Certify solution. View full review »
SAP QA Manager at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
One caveat is that if you start running models in different parts of the end-to-end process — when you really try to hit the sky and make everything automatic, to cover multiple supply chain tiers processes in one e2e test, or similar processes that are really complicated — then tool simplicity turns into disadvantage. On other hand it stops us from unnecessary over engineering the test automation framework. Architecturally, because Worksoft specifically built a database-oriented application, you essentially store code in the database. Git and text files orientation is more traditional approach with boundless set of tools to control versions, manipulation and analysis. But at the same time, Worksoft supplies us with their own version control inside Certify that has sufficient functionality for now. When it comes to mobile testing, we have a small bottleneck there. You have to buy third-party separate licenses if you want to test on a mobile. Business wise we see room for improvement there, although it's that really critical for us. None of these are showstoppers for our operations. Worksoft proved to delivery significant improvements in last 3 years and more we wait from 11.5 version. Overall, we are quite well covered with test automation related tools and nothing special is needed. View full review »
QA Developer II at a university with 10,001+ employees
Worksoft Certify can better identify web test objects by providing libraries through its Extensibility framework. It has improved with it's latest version through Extensibility Tools support and additional test object attributes. Object identification is a necessary barrier for the technical execution of a test script, aside from the script's needs to verify business rules. Automation engineers must affirmatively answer the question: Is the application automatable? If Worksoft Certify or any other test automation tool can get object identification down consistently and flexibly so that maintenance of web object identification (and hence the web test script) is easy and done with no execution problems, it will allow more scripts to be developed and applied faster with the human test automation staff resources on hand. A good part of the technical test automation work is to make the script run and affect script changes when the application under test changes. When done right, the business part of automating the test application functions remains the same - leveraging your test investment. Certify may not the best solution for your needs, but among the commercial and open source offerings in the automation tools space, it should rank very high. It is also a leader in rapid SAP test automation, and can be used as general all-purpose test automation tool for varied clients like PC, SAP, and especially Web. Only one or two tools I have experienced could be suitable in place of Worksoft Certify. However those tools also carry their own set of disadvantages. View full review »
Paul Pandian
Principal Consultant at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
I would like Worksoft Certify to do automation at any layer (the UI layer, API layer, or database layer) and challenge competitors in the RPA industry, like UiPath and Automation Anywhere. A lot of customers are looking at testing, not just at the UI level, but testing the application or their ecosystem at the API layer. Worksoft could invest on testing on APIs. There are some open source tools available in market which do this, like SoapUI. View full review »
Oliver Heil
VP Test and Quality Management at Deutche Telecom
We are interesting to do better, year-by-year. At the moment, we are doing automated regression tests. The next step would be DevOps or artificial intelligence. Our programs should also develop in this way. We want to have automation everywhere where it is possible. Therefore, we need more options for these next steps. We have used Capture, and it works with Worksoft Analyze. We had some experience last year in August because we started our schedule 1.0 and used Analyze in our tests. We were using the central site for one year with our ERP testing and were quite successful, but this was with Capture 1.0. Then, there was a change to Capture 2.0. In the end, there have been some challenges with the newer version. Therefore, the company testers, the local ones, do not want to use Capture 2.0. 40 percent of the test cases were finalized with automated capture and automated documentation, then the others were done manually. Because we have to create test nodes, we were asked to create a tool that automates documentation, which was Worksoft Analyze. However, with the switch to Capture 2.0, we had some challenges in the beginning. What we did afterwards, together with Worksoft, was we sorted through all the known bugs. So, at the moment, we don't have any known bugs open. We will retry this year in our central test first to find out if it Work Analyze is fine, then if it is okay, we will continue with the local test teams, as well. On the Capture 2.0 topic, we were not satisfied, because we had a version that wasn't really tested from my perspective. Of course, Worksoft said it was tested, but we found a lot of bugs. In the end, our national company and local test teams did not use Worksoft Analyze because it stopped working. We have ten steps, then on the ninth step, it stopped working and we would have to do it again. So, they stopped using Worksoft Analyze and Capture 2.0. However, this is solved. Worksoft directly helped us to find out what the bugs are, and solved them. Then, we retested it. At the moment, we don't have any open bugs. On average, it takes one day for Capture 2.0 users to create document. We expect it is faster, but you have to do it several times sometimes. You have to check the documentation that everything is fine. View full review »
SAP Manager at a logistics company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I would expect more opportunities to automate Java. I would like it to analyze what we are not using. I would like to see the impact analysis integrated with the performance testing tool. We have multiple tools doing multiple items. I would like to have one common tool. I'm also interested in load testing automation and whether we can create a script for it, then can we use the same script for my performance testing? View full review »
Stan Butler
Principal Software Engineer at a retailer with 501-1,000 employees
I would like to learn how to get better logs for their support team. View full review »
Piyush Lohana
SQA Test Automation Lead at CHEP USA
One feature that could be added to Capture 2.0 is generating a PDF file from your capture, so you can see your screenshots and steps. This will really help teams leverage the documents generated as part of requirement/training. Right now, when we do regression testing, we manually have to generate all the reports and populate all the results in HP ALM. We really are looking for a solution to have send all the results to HP ALM once Execution Manager completes the execution, then automatically logs them. Our offshore teams experience a lag/delay when using the Worksoft interface. As of now we use VPN and Remote Desktop to help us with this issues, it was be great to see how much Certify 11 has improved in terms to offshore accessibility. Every time there is a new release of Worksoft, they present it in a conference. However, there is no training document nor one point of solution where I one see what new changes/feature have been implemented, like a portal. If I don't know how to use a feature, there is no training nor documentation available. When you reach out for support, it takes time for them to research it and get back to us. I would like more use cases or at least a weekly email update to all the customers saying, "These are new features which have been included in the last week." That would really help. View full review »
Global Testing Solution Lead at a consumer goods company with 1,001-5,000 employees
First, product stability needs major improvements. Our projects get delayed and our executions fail because the product is not stable enough. We hear consistent reports of performance issues, Execution Manager crashes, and so on. What is not helping is Worksoft's ability to respond to issues. They do not have clear SLA's on when issues get closed. We have had High criticality issues that were open for months. Second, there are mixed results for non-SAP Automation. We tried to do web UI testing on SAP Fiori and some internal applications, but the results were mixed. In some cases, we are able to automate, but it takes a very long time to do it. There are other cases where we totally couldn't do it or our customers back out somehow, because of the length of time or limitations of the technology. Also, Worksoft testability assessments take quite awhile. View full review »
System Engineer at a transportation company with 10,001+ employees
We are not using Certify in the development area, only in the functional or end-to-end areas, and there is a lot of activity going on in the development area recently. Right now, the development teams are using open source tools, like Jenkins. This would be a game changer if Worksoft could start in the development area. Going forward, Worksoft will be integrating with Jenkins, which will be great for us. A part of our CI/CD pipeline, we have to deploy through Cloud AWS. So, it is good to hear that they are moving to AWS too. View full review »
Jesse Blakemore
Associate Manager Intelligent Testing at Accenture
A feature that I am looking forward to in version 11 is a search capability, where you can search within the script themselves for keywords. That will be really helpful. View full review »
Ted Devoe
QA Manager Business Applications at a university with 10,001+ employees
We are looking for some enhancements on the Capture 2.0 tool. This would give us the ability to control it directly, like we could with Capture 1.0. Right now, Capture 2.0 doesn't really work for our Business Analysts. Because they don't work with it all the time, it's a little complicated for them to stay up to speed on it. With Capture 1.0, we wrote a wrapper to make it easier for them to use, but we can't use that wrapper with Capture 2.0. So, if Capture 2.0 gets enhanced, we'll start using it. For an enhancement, we want to be able to start and stop recording through an API. Then, we want to see how many steps have been recorded through the API. We do a lot of test maintenance because they are constantly changing the applications. This is one of our biggest problems that are constantly making changes and switching products. For example, we used to use the Supply Relationship Manager. Now, all those tests that we build there will be replaced when we go to Ariba. All the old SAP GUI stuff for HCM, when we got SuccessFactors was thrown out, then had to be redone with SuccessFactors. View full review »
Automation Engineer at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
We have had run ins with some bugs on Business Process Procedure (BPP) and Execution Manager. We also did upgrade Worksoft Certify recently to clear up some issues with server fogging. View full review »
Ywanda Jackson
Testing Lead at CenterPoint Energy, Inc.
We had a lot of issues with the optics changing because they're dynamic. We just recently learned they are already worked on fixing it. Another feature that they are also working on is being able to export processes from one project and upload it to another project. Therefore, we can change our both structures within Worksoft. We prefer to run and set it up based on business use for separate projects. It's exciting to know that this is coming. We want to be able to move assets from project to another project without having to be in the same project or the same folder structure. I would like the GUI to be more user-friendly and intuitive. E.g., previously, the buttons were gray. Now, they have color to them and are fun for the user. It also makes them easier to identify. View full review »
Euronica Olivier
Quality Assurance Manager at CHEP
I would love to see more data mining modules. I want to see more stability in the Execution Manager. View full review »
IT Automation Specialist at a energy/utilities company with 1,001-5,000 employees
For Execution Manager, I would like it to be more robust interface and be able to view the remote machines full screen instead of a little window. This would be a great upgrade for us. I would also like more customized reports without having to print out big reports. View full review »
Founder and CEO at
Pricing is a bit high and we would like to have the availability of a trail environment for beginners and training would be great to have and easier to expand and use by more and more consultants. The bigger reports needs to be more customized by the tool for better use, also tool also can be further simplified by a better Graphical user interface (GUI) will help us a great deal while taking up projects. We look forward for these upgrades so we can enjoy using the tool more and help others learn this tool. View full review »
Saurab Juneja
Automation Lead at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
We're really hopeful for the mobile testing in Worksoft Certify going forward. View full review »
Principal Consultant ERP at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
It is very easy to use, but there are some places where they need to improve their security. E.g., the BPP tool is just a URL, which does not ask you for a username and password. Anyone can login and can see it. This is a challenge. Regarding the Execution Manager, which is good, since it comes with a username, password, etc. However, once you are logged inside, anyone can execute anything. It shouldn't allow this. Worksoft should create restrictions at the folder level structures, or somewhere they know they can align only few people to do the job, instead of allowing anyone do anything that they like. View full review »
Colton Otterness
Business Analyst at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
There is a learn functionality where Worksoft learns applications that would be nice if Worksoft expanded its support for other applications that aren't web-oriented. View full review »
Senior Manager at a tech services company with 10,001+ employees
For business users, the product needs to be more intuitive and user-friendly. The updates for SAP Fiori have been great, where previously we saw a lot of issues. A year ago, it used to fail miserably. Worksoft teams worked with our product teams to resolve this issue. I would like to see more integration features. It needs to provide the automation across the right set of plugins and integrations, along with cloud solutions, with the ability to quickly adapt. Going forward, I am looking for end-to-end testing in DevOps. View full review »
SAP Configuration ERP II at a energy/utilities company with 5,001-10,000 employees
The product had some UI issues. In the next release I heard the UI issues will be lifted up (version 11), I am excited about it because the product will have more UI features. We are thinking of upgrading our existing Worksoft Certify from 9 to 11, when it is released, as this will be good for the company and help all our users. View full review »
Divya Nayak
Team Leader at SOAIS
I am looking forward to a feature which will be available in the next release, version 11. The search feature, where you can search for any process that you have created. I would like BPP to have more filtering options during the report creation. This would make our customers happy. View full review »
Automation Test Specialist at Lennox International
We would like it to support mobile automation going forward. View full review »
Srabanti Pramanik
Team Leader at SOAIS
If we can import process from other automation tools like UiPath, Selenium, or Automation Anywhere, then it would be more helpful. View full review »
Senior Solutions Architect at Orasi Software
We would like this to be able to be used outside of SAP applications, as it would be good for other types of products. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about Worksoft Certify. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: February 2021.
464,757 professionals have used our research since 2012.