Wrike Overview

Wrike is the #11 ranked solution in our list of top Project Management Software. It is most often compared to monday.com: Wrike vs monday.com

What is Wrike?

Wrike is an online collaboration and project management software bringing together centralized task management and social collaboration features into one real-time workspace. It connects tasks, discussions, and emails to your actual project plan. You get an up-to-date picture of the project and can keep your team aligned with your strategy without boring status meetings. Challenges Wrike helps solve:

  • Data silos: Tasks, discussions and documents scattered across email, Skype, personal computers and spreadsheets
  • Poor visibility into work status
  • Missed deadlines and project failures
Main benefits:
  • Accelerating project delivery by using a platform your team will actually use and love
  • Keeping all team members on the same page even across borders without lengthy status meetings, long email threads and spreadsheet updates
  • Big picture of project progress with real-time updates and cross-project reports and newsfeed
  • Real-time team collaboration with discussions, files attached to tasks, and a built-in document editor

Why Wrike?
  • Wrike is a system your team will use. It helps them do their work, not just track it.
  • Wrike can be easily customized to your needs as each team can set up their own workflow.
  • Wrike scales as you grow, providing visibility and ease of use for teams of any size.
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Wrike Customers

Down Association, Clever Clicks, Sevenly, Palatov Motorsport, LLC, Koch Ink, Opportunity To Do, Quark Software Inc., Transamerican Auto Parts, PlumChoiceÂ, Inc., InScribe, Evisions, Giant Steps, TechRepublic

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Pricing Advice

What users are saying about Wrike pricing:
  • "Wrike is not so expensive, but I don't know exactly how it compares with other tools. Wrike might not be so cheap when we are using it for a lot of users."

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Solution Architect & Cloud Architect & Project Manager at papaya global
Real User
Top 5
Aug 24, 2020
Flexible and easy-to-use but lacks real workflow support and tasks management feature

What is our primary use case?

We are using Wrike for defining tasks to move between different persons in our company and for managing the status of a task among different persons. We are a global company, and we use it for things like onboarding workers. We create tasks from the beginning of the process and move it from status to status. Each team gets a notification every time you change the status of a task.

Pros and Cons

  • "It's a very easy-to-use and flexible tool. We can easily write and create queues for different themes. It's very user-friendly."
  • "On one side, it's very easy to create a task with text, but on the other side, it's not very well-formatted. Therefore, it's difficult to track specific data written in a task. We are making templates, but it's not enough to use a template to know the exact status of different tasks. One thing that we are looking for in Wrike is a better workflow. Because we can only move the status of tasks, we can't really manage workflow and send a task to a specific person. This is what is really missing in Wrike as compared to other tools. We are looking to replace Wrike because we need support for workflow. Another issue with Wrike is that they bring a lot of versions of the tool, which it's not so easy. They bring new versions very frequently, and these versions look similar. For example, we are using robots to read the tasks in the tools, which is problematic with Wrike because it is changing very frequently."

What other advice do I have?

You have a lot of tools with the same kind of functionality in the market. You should exactly define the precise requirement that you need from the tool and also think a few steps ahead in terms of the needs of the company in a few years. It is not enough to see the present specific requirements because sometimes, the solution we choose is not enough to grow. It's not easy to change from one solution to the other. These tools look very simple, but you have to think about what exactly you want to manage within the tool. I would rate Wrike a seven out of ten. We are looking for real workflow…
Ahmed Shehata
IT Quality Section Head at Saudi Public Transport Company JSC
Real User
Top 5Leaderboard
Aug 22, 2019
Good project progress tracking and promotes collaboration between team members

What is our primary use case?

Our IT management was looking for project and task management tool for the IT Staff, and after our research, this is the solution that was selected.

Pros and Cons

  • "This is a good tool for project progress tracking and sharing tasks with internal and external parties."
  • "We faced an issue with the Wrike outlook add-on; it is only available for Microsoft Office 365, and not the on-premise version."
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