WSO2 API Manager Room for Improvement

Modupe Aladeojebi
Chief Technology Officer at Swifta Systems and Services
It is a very good product, but still, there are some things I think can be improved. I think the interface is the one that comes to mind first. The interface should be much more user-friendly and modern. If you look at other products and their modern user interfaces, you could see what the other companies are doing and what you could be doing. A nice look and feel is something that can impress a user, and it can be trendy and inviting. I think the user interface for now for the WSO2 is not really there yet. The one complaint I get from our business team is the same: they find it not that user-friendly and this makes it more difficult for them to use. It takes some experience to get around. Another feature which I love but can also be improved is usability in terms of switching across the different components of the product. You could have just the user management console and some adjustment in design would make us have less trouble navigating. But the components are all separate. You have to access the publisher console, and then they have a flash publisher. Then you have the store, and more. It is just many things you have to know. So there are different interfaces. I would love a situation where you should be able to just have a single interface where you're executing your role per security. Depending on the role you have, will determine what you can do. I don't have to switch across different interfaces before I could access the publisher using the same roles if I am assigned the privilege. Lastly, another feature I think is needed is in the area of customization. Before you can make any custom changes, you have to be very technical. But it's a bit difficult to make changes depending on what you need to accomplish. The documentation is also not that straight forward and could use work. You have to make a whole lot of changes to the framework. It's a framework, which I think is something that can be more efficient. It's not the common framework that you see in today's development as we have in other products. It is a custom framework that we use for the product. I think for now that really all of the problems are summarized by the interface. They need to invest more on the front end. I know sometimes people will want to work as a back-end guy and that should remain. I think they should invest more on the user interface, user experience to make it better for less technical people. View full review »
Business & Integration Architect Manager at a tech services company with 201-500 employees
I'm using the open-source version, therefore my comments are basically related to just the open-source version. I specify this, due to the fact that, if you have a subscription, you can have access to enterprise support. I need to work within the open-source community to get answers. When I deal with the stack overflow, it's a complex item that could easily be addressed by technical support, and yet, I don't have access to them on my current system. It would be helpful if the solution offered more communication about their technology and services. It would be useful for those of us on the open-source option. Since the product is updated periodically there are lots of provisions. The documentation could be stronger and maybe the community support could be stronger. I don't have the luxury of turning to their in-house technical support to help me troubleshoot. I'm reliant on documentation and the community. The stability is pretty good, but it could be improved. It would be ideal, for our purposes, if the solution offered GraphQL support for the micro-gateway. View full review »
Xinxiao Li
Chief Specialist at a manufacturing company with 10,001+ employees
WSO2 API Manager is a little complex to use. I think the user interface could be improved. Additionally, the installation setup is a little complex. I think in future versions I would like to see some improvements in the system's installation. View full review »
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Lead Business Analyst at a tech services company with 5,001-10,000 employees
Integration is an area that needs to be improved. In the next release, I would like to see a suite of applications, from other providers. They have many features that should be integrated to be a part of the WSO2 API Manager. View full review »
Ilnaz Khaydarov
Head of Product Development at MTS Group
Support GPRS protocol. View full review »
Learn what your peers think about WSO2 API Manager. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: October 2020.
442,764 professionals have used our research since 2012.