XebiaLabs XL Deploy Benefits

Founder and Chief Catalyst at Catalink
For our organization, the speed of deployment is paramount. The speed at which we can deploy is enhanced by automation with this product and has been much faster than anything else we experimented with. If you ever write a lot of deployment scripts and playbooks, et cetera, and you have to maintain all of this it becomes a burden. In this case, we didn't have to do as much of that maintenance. First of all, as an example, say somebody writes a script and he leaves your company in a year's time. Then somebody else looks at that script and the guy who wrote it came at it from a certain perspective and it may not be easy to interpret. It works for some cases, but in other cases, it isn't quite right. You don't exactly know what cases it was written for or what other scripts it had to be used with. There's lost knowledge of the purpose of the script because the person who wrote it is gone. Instead, with XL Deploy this is scalable because you define your deployment package using your favourite CI tools, and you point it to a logical application-centric environment to which it needs to deployed. The rest of how it needs to get deployed and based your specified deployment pattern like blue-green, canary etc, the deployment plan is generated by XLDeploy and the application is deployed. We don't really spend time building scripts and maintaining scripts as part of something someone has to remember any more. XL Deploy does that for us and the deployment knowledge does not get lost. So, you actually accelerate processes of deployment and automation is much faster than with other platforms. We don't feel the learning curve for XL Deploy is very high. For the company, this means you don't necessarily need the same level of specialist skills for a successful deployment. It is much easier for people who are new to it to learn how to use it. That has become a big element for us pushing ahead, and it has made a serious impact on the way we apply scripts and deploy applications. View full review »
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