Cloud Backup Questions
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Jan 11 2021

What are the most important considerations when selecting backup and recovery software for your business, particularly for cloud-based solutions? 

What tips can you share for making the process of selecting backup and recovery software easier?

SimonClarkCloud based backup and storage is the way to proceed in most cases, thus… more »
IT Central Station
Dec 04 2020

How does CDP backup work? Is it an effective replacement for traditional backup solutions? 

Tim LenzWhile CDP is a good idea it does not protect if the database gets corrupted… more »
Dave ClarkNo it does not replace backup. This supports RTOs in the case of DR, but backup… more »
Jacek WoytynowskiCDP is a significantly effective mechanism for protecting data, it is used for… more »
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What should a business take into account when choosing between an internal or external DR site as a backup? What are the pros and cons of each?

EagleTRL57In my experience, the two major factors to consider are: 1 - Capital vs… more »

I'm looking for a breakdown of the major differences between these Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions:

1. Arcserve UDP

2. Acronis Backup

3. Veeam Backup 

4. VMware vDPA

it_user102333Comparing the features of the four is not the right approach. You need to… more »
it_user365805The field about Backup is very big , I am a partner from Acronis , and Acronis… more »
it_user130935I second Kevin's remark. It is almost impossible to compare various backup… more »