Zudy VINYL Client Satisfaction and User Adoption

Has this solution increased client satisfaction and user adoption? If yes, by how much?

Edwin Patterson
Director, Technology Management at PGT Trucking
An excellent example of the way Zudy VINYL has improved our business is we can now report on the actual cost of moving a load. We didn't have all that data because it was in too many different places so that we couldn't do a good report without a lot of manual effort. Now it's straightforward. We get a simple report, and this is how much it costs to move this load. And then from that, we can determine profitability. We can now report quickly on the cost of loads. Pulling in costs, for example, such as doing the cost to get a permit if it's an oversized load. We now can roll that in with the rest of the cost of paying the driver and the fuel and whatnot. has VINYL has improved our ability to deploy apps quickly. I mean, if you're talking about some of the things that used to take weeks to accomplish, we can now do them in days. The projects that would take months, now we're looking at weeks.
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