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Jon Pederson
CFO of the Markets Group at a media company with 10,001+ employees
For this particular type of requirement, we mostly built apps in .NET with our application development team. This is a departure from that, as a way to build apps. But we haven't used any of Zudy's competitors. We were just using traditional methods and this is our first foray into the no-code sort of platform. It was one of those things where we had some needs and this was a very low-cost option. We were one of their earliest customers so they did invest in some consulting time for free to help us build a couple of things, to prove out conceptually that the system could do what we wanted. That helped us. But part of it was the fact that it was a low-cost option. With the Lite Integration, I wasn't going to have to disrupt my entire organization to do something. We haven't had to disrupt IT and the business organizations to keep them up and running. It's a nice product from that perspective because it allows you to gain some efficiencies without having to rip apart your IT organization to actually install something; sometimes, moving to new platforms can be really complicated. View full review »
David Hendrickson
Senior Director of IT at NXC Imaging
I knew that we had to make a change in our ERP platform. I was brought in to NXC Imaging to evaluate what was going on with their ERP solution. They were having all kinds of issues with their Microsoft Dynamics AX solution. It took me about two months to understand what had happened, and I immediately recognized that we needed to go down a different path. We needed to change our strategy of staying with a Tier 1 or Tier 2 platform. What we do is unique and there isn't software that we can buy. I knew that we needed to invest in a no- code, or low-code application development platform that would give us rapid development capabilities. I've had experience with other platforms in the past, so it was a pretty easy decision for me to go after getting board approval to make this happen. View full review »
Jaquelyn Freeman
Finance Manager at a import and exporter with 51-200 employees
Before VINYL, it was very manual for us. Zudy is the first tool where we really tried to bring together these two data sources. We went to Zudy VINYL to merge Accpac and our distributor data. It was the first tool we really found. We needed something that could be extremely customizable. View full review »
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Scott Grabowski
Manager of Retail Technology at Brooks Brothers
We knew that we needed to invest in a different solution that was more flexible and scalable. We've used VINYL to replace several Legacy systems. Previously we had individual Legacy systems for Made To Measure, which was homegrown, and not flexible. We had a different company we worked with for an implementation of an alteration system, which again, was not scalable, and did not grow with us as a company. It's those reasons that really helped point us in a direction to think longer term, and have a flexible solution that will grow with us as our business grows. View full review »
Edwin Patterson
Director, Technology Management at PGT Trucking
Before VINYL, we didn't have a solution to do these kinds of things, so we were just doing everything manually on paper and Excel. The primary symptom that made us realize we needed something was that a lot of folks were doing their work in Excel, and we had data in all different places. One person had a spreadsheet here; another person was using a Google Doc. It was just all over the place. When the data's there, you can't get to it, and you can't report on it. It was pretty evident to us that we needed to do something and let's bring this data into one central place. We chose VINYL because of the subscription model. It was easier to get into as opposed to a big purchase. The competing products didn't have as many features. They offered a complete software package that was already configured, and then you would customize it. Whereas with VINYL, you can take baby steps to get to where you want to go. Do a little piece at a time. Take one issue, take one problem, fix that, and then as it gradually grows into a full solution, rather than trying to fit this huge solution in all at once. View full review »
Sahal Laher
Head of Global Digital/Marketing Technology at a Consumer Goods with 1,001-5,000 employees
We used to have five to seven different custom applications that we got rid of because they were becoming very difficult to support. We wanted to get rid of the multiple siloed applications because they were not meeting the business needs. We moved to get everything under one umbrella and have a single experience and user interface for the employees, and to get all of the data in one place. View full review »
Melinda Marks
Chief of Staff at a non-tech company with 51-200 employees
We were using a manual system that we created ourselves, and that's why we switched. View full review »
Nivas Srinivasan
Senior Consultant
We did not have a previous solution. We were in need of a good rapid application development software which could easily be handled by two or three people in terms of maintenance. We wanted something that is easy to understand. And we also went with VINYL because it is really user-friendly. View full review »
VP of IT at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
I was looking for a tool with which I could easy build dashboards from multiple sources which didn't necessarily go together. It didn't make sense to build a single data warehouse out of information which was quite disparate. So, I found a viable solution in VINYL. View full review »
Tim Ayres
Vice President Technology at Collette
I was very new in my role at Collette when I started talking with Zudy. What I walked into was the scenario where there were a lot of people depending on spreadsheets, a nightmare of version control and sharing of data, and I was looking to solve beyond what we had internally. Therefore, about a year and a half ago, we engaged with Zudy and it was the solution for us. It is a platform which can grow with us and get us out of spreadsheets. View full review »
Logistics Director of Planning and Projects at FreshDirect
It mostly replaced Excel, Access, and emails. Access 365 was not doing as much as it had in previous versions. Our CEO had a relationship with someone at Zudy, so we tested the product and saw it as an early opportunity. It fit with our requirements and we were trying to move on from Microsoft Access. View full review »
Scheduling Manager at a leisure / travel company with 501-1,000 employees
We used Microsoft Project and Microsoft Access, but the system just kept on crashing and it wasn't sustained by our IT department, so it was a lot of having to do it ourselves. It was manual and there was a lot of room for error. We moved to Zudy because it was a system everybody could understand and it wasn't outdated. View full review »
Bob Gilmore
IT Director at Cal-Maine Foods
We deployed Vinyl about nine months ago. Previously, we were using a small application that wrote code for our personnel in a manner very unlike the way that Vinyl does. It was something that we worked with because it was all we could find, but as soon as we found Vinyl, we put it into play. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Zudy, Quickbase, OutSystems and others in Rapid Application Development Software. Updated: October 2019.
377,828 professionals have used our research since 2012.
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