Zudy VINYL Room for Improvement

Jon Pederson
CFO of the Markets Group at a media company with 10,001+ employees
When we started with them the platform was brand new. There were - I don't want to say deficiencies - just things they didn't have yet. We worked a lot with them on security and some other things. And they've continually updated the platform to include new features and functionality. One of the things that was lacking for a while, although it continues to get better, is the user interface. It was built more "functionally." It was better for functionality than it was for being pretty, from the standpoint of the user. They've done a lot of work there, but I think there's probably a little more work to do, continually. Also, while some of the reporting functionality is adequate, reporting needs to continue to be worked on, given the fact that there are a lot of really good reporting tools out there. But, for a product of its age and life cycle position, they are super-responsive to what the clients need. And as they add more clients, certain clients will say, "Hey, I really need this feature functionality," and they'll build it into the suite. Then everybody has access to it, which is great. View full review »
David Hendrickson
Senior Director of IT at NXC Imaging
The features that I'd like to see in VINYL next would be the ability to have more control over or have a rule-based control over column headings and column labels. Depending on what we're trying to display to a user, we can put in rules to change things around, make it easier for that. The other thing would be a more sophisticated workflow engine. I'm an ex-Nintex user, and having a more graphical user interface to be able to build complex workflows would be really good. View full review »
Jaquelyn Freeman
Finance Manager at a import and exporter with 51-200 employees
I would love to have the home screen a little more customizable because, as we're building more and more reports, it would be nice to have more options in how they're organized on the screen. I'm not sure if this is something they could do, but if we had it more customizable for different departments - if sales saw it one way, whereas finance had something different than sales - that would be helpful. We also have a few companies within Elite Group that are using it so more customization could be nice. View full review »
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General IT Clerk with 501-1,000 employees
They have business objects which are essentially queries or tables. To learn the structure of their software is a little tricky at first. You have tables and sitting on top of them you have data objects which are required in order to use your application which sits on top of them. To understand how those flow between each other, and the terminology that's used between them, can be difficult. It took about a month to get everything straight in my head. You could probably do it faster. What took so long was having not having an application to develop. If you don't have an application to develop and play with, you don't really know what you're playing with. If you had an app to make, that time could be cut to three weeks. Also, when you are trying to delete certain columns or delete or drop tables, sometimes it will throw an error and it will force you to hunt down every location where those things are being referenced. You have to delete them from the very end and work your way backward. That can get frustrating. It would be easier, when you're deleting that table, if it would concatenate all the way down. I know that's almost an industry standard when you're dealing with tables, but it could be better. At times, when you're in an application, and you use a "back" arrow, it's limited in what it can do. I know you can have certain pages sent back to other pages, but sometimes to set all that up is a little annoying. I'm not exactly sure how I would improve that, but you can get lost once you start clicking through tabs. You end up backing up through the same pages, back and forth, and it can be frustrating. There are a lot of almost "hidden" features captured in these Edge Case settings. That's an example of the terminology being a little bit tricky. In those settings might be exactly what you need, but the terminology that they use is not very clear. If you want a scroll bar at the bottom, instead of having it select rows to show, you have to select Disable Panel Location Service, which doesn't sound at all like what it's supposed to do. It's little things like that. Naming conventions could be changed a little bit. View full review »
Robbie Woodsum
Business Systems Analyst with 201-500 employees
One of the troubles we have sometimes is the amount of data we're processing within the applications. That can really add a lot of "laggy-ness." That's an ongoing struggle we're going to have while we use it. It doesn't happen for all our applications, only some of them that are heavy on the reporting. And where we can get a more contemporary client-facing output and PDF version, it's still somewhat limited as to what we can do with those templates. View full review »
Scott Grabowski
Manager of Retail Technology at Brooks Brothers
Edwin Patterson
Director, Technology Management at PGT Trucking
Some new features I'd like to see is visibility into running jobs so that we can see what the status is, or that it's not stuck in its process and doing its thing, or how much longer it's going to take. I'd also like to see a native calendar function so we can put calendars into our apps with maybe even recurring tasks or appointments and that sort of thing. We'd also like to see multi-select lists. The users being able to pick multiple things to filter on and get a list and be able to export that list. View full review »
Sahal Laher
Head of Global Digital/Marketing Technology at a Consumer Goods with 1,001-5,000 employees
This is just a pie in the sky wish list, but if they could add a machine-learning type of platform to go with it, or some artificial intelligence capabilities, so that as it’s collecting data it would also be turning some of that into insights, that would be something. That's a pretty ambitious request because I realize you will need different tools, but that would be a nice to have. View full review »
Programmer Analyst at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees
What additional features would I like to see is easy: drag and drop UI interface. That what you see is what you get. Right now it's very dependent on having an imagination to understand. If I put a control on a page, what it's going to look like at the end result. I would much rather have, I drag it in place and then I do the backend stuff. I would like to see it before I have to build it. View full review »
Sr. Team Manager - Tour Manager Department at a leisure / travel company with 501-1,000 employees
In the beginning, we were working with it while it was still being tweaked. So sometimes things weren't working 100 percent, or they were working but, because they were being tested behind the scenes, some things were kind of funky. But, just a quick email to them saying, "Is this correct?" would usually have a really logical answer, and then it would be fixed. View full review »
Melinda Marks
Chief of Staff at a non-tech company with 51-200 employees
We've been on a hold with one of the products that we started with, which was one of our processes. It just wasn't capable of doing it. It could extract it but it couldn't get the information back in internally, correctly. And that's just because our system is old. View full review »
Nivas Srinivasan
Senior Consultant at a retailer with 501-1,000 employees
Version 2.3 has a good UI but we want a more customizable UI. View full review »
Tim Ayres
Vice President Technology at Collette
The most meaningful improvement might be done in some of the aesthetics of the reporting and dashboarding. We unify and unite data in ways which are flexible and usable, but do not always have the aesthetics of some of the other reporting platforms out there. If it could be prettier, it might be a bit more attractive on the business side. View full review »
Executive Director of Management Process Automation at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees
We've been relying on Zudy from a consultant basis to do all of our development, and it's been fairly positive. I'd like to see the next release of VINYL have more user interface solutions to it, so that it could be a more user-friendly product on the front end for the customers that are utilizing the tool. We didn't have a solution to help automate all of our reporting in the past which identified the need to make sure that we could tap into our data sources and automate all of our reporting, which is exactly why we needed the tool. View full review »
Logistics Director of Planning and Projects at FreshDirect
On the development side, we would like to see continued improvement on the visibility of the subqueries, as we are building applications. E.g., I would like to have more visualization in the back-end of the data objects and how they are interrelated. The interface has had a lot of changes to it. It is better than it was before. However, with the subqueries in particular, this has been the most difficult part of the interface. I would like them to build out more tools for communication, particularly the ability to do a multinode panel via email. View full review »
Scheduling Manager at a leisure / travel company with 501-1,000 employees
The calendar has room for improvement, but that's what they're going to be working on next: making a Gantt chart. View full review »
Bob Gilmore
IT Director at Cal-Maine Foods
One of the cool things about Vinyl is they are constantly improving it. They have a new version that they are showing, which we have not seen yet, at the meeting that I am attending. They are constantly adding new features. That is really important. We suggest things sometimes, then all of the sudden, they miraculously appear. View full review »
Associate Director, Commercial Systems at a pharma/biotech company with 1,001-5,000 employees
The ease of use for individuals to self-serve could be improved. The solution is no-code, but there is still a decent learning curve associated with the product and some app design principles necessary before people can self-serve. View full review »
Larry Egan
Sr. Director Global Commercial Systems at a pharma/biotech company with 501-1,000 employees
Perhaps the UI could be improved. View full review »
Find out what your peers are saying about Zudy, Quickbase, OutSystems and others in Rapid Application Development Software. Updated: February 2020.
397,983 professionals have used our research since 2012.