Zudy VINYL Valuable Features

Nate Seiling
Founder at Quote Kong LTD

The features in Zudy VINYL that I've found to be most valuable have been the fact that we have tried to build out several versions of Quote Kong, and the problem has been that every time we start off with a new version we always have to go through this huge rigmarole of setting up all of these tables, and all these logics, and writing everything from scratch. I don't have to do that with Zudy VINYL. There are so many of those micro, early-stage things that are just done for you.

On top of that, it's unbelievably easy to have it work on any device. I have hardly had to do any tweaking from device to device. Whereas previously, it was very difficult. Those are the things that I like about Zudy VINYL.

Also, when it comes to the speed of development of the applications with Zudy VINYL it has been the fastest and most powerful that I've been able to do. We've tried building things from scratch. It takes an enormous amount of time. We've cut that time by probably a fifth, with more power. I've been very happy with the speed of doing things in Zudy VINYL.

The custom application we built with Zudy VINYL is Quote Kong, our entire process. We compress probably 60 hours' worth of manual paperwork, and we get it done for the contractor in about an hour. There are a lot of hoops that we have to go through to make that happen, and there were a lot of things that were not off-the-shelf that I needed. We actually attempted to build Quote Kong five other times with different platforms, and it failed. It did not work with other ones. We tried. We spent a lot of time, a lot of energy, and we could not make it come to completion. But with Zudy VINYL we were able to complete it.

Zudy's data connectors and the API integrations have been great so far. We've definitely had to integrate some older data that we brought over, and it's worked really well. It also has a lot of external things such as Babel, and it also has Google integration, which has been easy. Integrations aren't easy in general, but I would say that I'm very happy with how it has been, integrating with Zudy so far.

As for the ease of use for VINYL for non-developers, I like it. I do have some technical background, but I don't have the full-stack development abilities. Yet I'm able to go in and I love that I can make changes on-the-fly when a customer says to me, "Hey, this button in this place doesn't quite make sense." I can move it. I don't have to call up a developer. I don't have to try and find somebody to do it. I'm very excited about that. It's been amazing to have that control myself, and not have to try and explain to someone how I want to move the button; why I want to move the button; what that is supposed to look like. I've just been able to go in myself and do it, and I've found it to be relatively easy. It's a very complex thing that they're trying to accomplish, so it's not super-easy, but it's also not so difficult that a non-developer can't handle it. As long as you can follow some instructions, you should be able to do it yourself.

Zudy also handles the data encryption and the user identities and the data migration and the databases, and all of those authentication things, very well. I have been very happy with it. When you're having to build things from scratch, you have to build all of that out manually, and that is a difficult thing to do. It takes a lot of time and a lot of effort, and I just didn't have [to go through] that with this one. I feel confident with what they have. My research has said they've been doing it well. Security is very hard to do. You can do 9,998 things right, but if you do one or two things wrong, the bad guys will find it. From what I've seen, that hasn't happened. Breaches are probably somewhat inevitable in some ways, but I think it's certainly a lot less likely because you didn't have to set up all of these things and know all these best practices because it was done well for you ahead of time. That's been a comfort to me because, of course, I have a lot of data and a lot of security things that I am worried about, and I've been glad to be able to rely on Zudy.

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Josh Pearlman
Director of National Promotion at Entercom Communications

Their integrations are terrific. We've had zero issues, a 100 percent success rate with integrations. In terms of Zudy's data source connectors and API integrations, we've been really pleased. We use some software that is very common in the media business, and then we also have some custom things that we built for a variety of different use cases within our company, and we've had zero integration issues, in terms of getting data into Zudy and getting data out of it. It's been great. I've been really pleased with the integrations from the simple to the more complex. We've done everything from financial planning and analysis to single sign-on. It's really been a great tool and it has really saved us a ton of time spent on things that were done manually.

The workflow, and the ability to add business intelligence tools into our platform, to make us work smarter, not harder, has been a lifesaver for us.

In terms of the speed of development of custom applications with Zudy, we've had no issues. I've been really happy with the speed. Whenever we've asked for something, they've been able to get it to us in a very reasonable timeframe, sometimes beating deadlines. Sometimes we're our own worst enemy in terms of some of the requests we make, but that's not a platform issue at all. They've been terrific, both their folks and the system itself, when we need something turned around really quickly. It has been able to solve for us.

For example, we moved all of our event P&Ls into the Zudy VINYL platform. What was happening on a variety of spreadsheets—Google Docs, some other financial planning tools, but not necessarily at the detail we needed—we were able to build as a custom, P&L for our events. They highlighted the various different ways we look at events, from before the event happens, to while the event is on sale or in its promotional flight, to after the event, and all the analysis that comes with that. It also gives us the workflows and approvals for stakeholders who need to sign off on events throughout the process. That custom application was built earlier this year.

Without using Zudy, I do not know how long it would have taken. It would not have been something I would have been able to do by myself. But we built it in about seven-and-a-half months.

Zudy also continues to improve the solution's features, that's a thousand percent [true]. Every time there's a new rollout or new development in their solutions and the things that they've been able to launch since we've been working together, it has just enhanced our business quite a bit. I'm very happy with the new enhancements, their ability to roll them out, and the functionality that comes with those rollouts. We've had no issues. With their improved rollouts, we've expanded our business with Zudy. What started as an events platform has grown into some other areas of the business. We now have three live platforms, with several more that are potentially in development for 2021. As the system has worked for us, we've continued to grow with them.

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Shane Darrisaw
National Administrator at mPact Pro Client Management Systems

All of Zudy's features are valuable. In terms of the user interface, we have come upon solutions that make workflow easier with efficiencies in making things, from a process standpoint, easier for the agencies to utilize. We've taken all the guesswork out of the process for them.

In comparison to our previous platform, the speed of development of custom applications using Zudy is light years faster. We were able to deliver the first solution in less than three months. It would be a little bit less if you take out the unknowns, which I've found to be my best friend in terms of things occurring that we didn't know were happening. But even with that, it has been light years. By comparison, what took us a year-and-a-half to do on our previous platform, we did in three months with Zudy.

The low-code level of work that we can do on our own, once things are handed off to us, and the interaction that we've had throughout, with the account managers and the architectural design individuals—they have made a process that should be automated [a] friendly [process].

In terms of data migration and data connectors, they actually built a data transition table. I think it was through a platform called Magellan, that was customized for us to be able to take data out of the old platform, stage it into a staging area, and then move it into the new platform that was built on the Zudy VINYL platform. It was seamless from my standpoint, but I'm not the one who wrote the code or pushed the data in and out of the old platform into the new platform. But they made what was going to be what I called "Godzilla," in terms of it being a monumental monster of a project, easy, with the solution that they deliver.

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Sean Harrop
Director of Application Development at Collette

The feature that I find most valuable with Zudy VINYL is how flexible it is. There are so many ways that you can connect data to it and there are so many features that are out-of-the-box that make the product very flexible and easy and easy to work with.

It's got a great user interface which makes it a nice looking product that our employees are able to engage with quickly.

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David Hendrickson
Senior Director of IT at NXC Imaging

The most valuable features of Zudy VINYL are the abilities for us to rapidly develop applications, deploy them easily, and then make adjustments as we realize the things that we forgot to put in the first release or the second release. We've done eight releases in eleven months for our field management solution.

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Scott Grabowski
Manager of Retail Technology at Brooks Brothers

One of the most valuable features of VINYL is its flexibility. We've been able to change direction if needed, once we've learned lessons when we finally started using parts of the product. That flexibility and speed to get to market is really a strength, combined with its ability to connect to other data sources.

It doesn't need to house much data. It's really, really strong in connecting to your other systems or third parties that you might subscribe to and pull it all into one place where you can use it.

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Edwin Patterson
Director, Technology Management at PGT Trucking

There are two most valuable features: one is the ability to pull data from a bunch of different places and put them together. The second is the speed at which you can get a new app developed. Instead of waiting months for this new app to come out, if you have an internal team putting it together, you can roll it out in weeks. I've even seen days. It's incredible how fast you can make changes.

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Programmer Analyst at a manufacturing company with 1,001-5,000 employees

As a programmer, I came from a programming world, so it was hard for me to use the tool because it was very foreign to a programmer, but it's very dynamic. So if I build one panel, it can go across to the different tools, phone, iPad, computer, and I don't have to worry about redesigning it for each platform.

Only because consultants can see places to use the tool where we're blind to that because we've just done it that way in the past. I don't know if I'm explaining myself right, but when they come in they can see a need for it, or a use case for it, that we would have never picked. So the consultants have provided places where the tool can benefit us that we would have never thought of.

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Don Mitchell
Founder/CTO at NG911 Services

The team is its most valuable feature. The people I work with are great. They can get the stuff done that I want done usually faster than I expect.

The product is super fast at getting things done. 

I had expected a portal that can be secure and handle data ingestion and visualization. It hits all those points and that is what it's doing.

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Executive Director of Management Process Automation at a healthcare company with 10,001+ employees

One of the most valuable features of the solution is how rapid we can implement it, going from a design to an operational concept in a very short period of time.

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Learn what your peers think about Zudy VINYL. Get advice and tips from experienced pros sharing their opinions. Updated: April 2021.
479,323 professionals have used our research since 2012.