Alternatives to Google Search Appliance?


I have been studying Google Search Appliance and documenting all the functionalities, pros and cons, and limitations. I would like some advice to help identify other alternatives of Google Search Appliance. What are the other top platforms?

I appreciate the help. Thanks!

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Not sure the details, need to know more, but if this is all file data only (unstructured), DataGravity could be a fit potentially. They do inline indexing and content scanning. Full disclosure: I worked there, but users that implemented in SMB markets saw positive results. Best of luck!

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There are many options available now compared to GSA:
1. Coveo - Leading Gartner Magic Quadrant from last 2 years
2. Solr/Lucene - You can also look at the LucidWorks Distribution for ennterprise search which is called as Fusion. They seems to capturing market in Enterprise Search Segment as it is built on Open Source Solr technology
3. In case if you are looking for any eCommerce related technologies you can look at Oracle Endeca or even Oracle Enterprise Search

We recently I did an an indept evaluation of Enterprise and Internet search platform across various categories. It is very important to map the needs with the +ve features of this platform. I believe in right search strategy as Configure -> Crawl -> Index -> Analyze -> Configure which is a continuous activity for the Search to be successful in an organization.

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Two very good and popular solutions are Apache Solr http://lucene.apache.org/solr/ and Elastic https://www.elastic.co/

But it will depend a lot on the requirements for the front end and what you want to index.

It could be a bit more work to setup and implement being open source solutions (The Elastic has great comercial support) but it will give you the best flexibility in the end.

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Look at Oracle Endeca products http://www.oracle.com/us/solutions/business-analytics/business-intelligence/endeca/overview/index.html

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There are a lot of options on the market. You would have to evaluate how much time and expertise you can put into search. An out of the box solution, I would be looking at Lookeen ( https://lookeen.com/solutions/enterprise-search/enterprise-wide-search.html ) or X1 (http://www.x1.com/business_productivity_search.html). If you have more time you can go with an open source option. Since GSA will be available until at least 2017, and support until 2019, you probably can do either one.

(Full disclosure: I work for the developers of Lookeen)

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Thank you all. I am sorry for being late.

I have finished researching on the various search engine platforms. Here I have come up with 4 possible solutions:

1. Proprietary Enterprise Search: a). SearchBlox b). Swiftype. So far the search result seems working fine with the trial version and limited indexed documents. But I am not quite sure what is going to happen when I will be indexing 3million documents on Enterprise Version. Any suggestion regarding SearchBlox and Swiftype will be appreciated. I am concerned about Price and Quality as well.

2. Open Sources: a). Solr and b). ElasticSearch. Thank you @PEDRO @SRIDHAR
I have got two questions regarding Solr and Elasticsearch:
a). I am working with Web Development Team and we have really good programmer here but no Java expertise. Now if we go for Solr or ElasticSearch, approximately how much time it is going to take to configure fully to get the functionalities like GSA ?
b). Once we have configured, setup, and indexed millions of web pages, how much the search result will be efficient compare to GSA? Can it handle millions of documents like GSA?

I am so grateful you Guys!

Thank You.