Anyone have a comparison of eG Suite with other end to end performance monitoring products?

Please help me with a comparison of eG Suite with other end to end performance monitoring products. I am in need of performance monitoring software for my company, which comprises of both Physical & Virtual infrastructures.

I'd like to understand if we should choose eG Suite or a different solution. Any thoughts?

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If you are just looking for metrics, there are a lot of tools that do this. I would suggest looking at analytics - that's where you are going to have to be soon, if you want to be proactive.

The APM Magic Quadrant from Gartner is a good one to review. That has a lot of focus on the application stack. You have to figure if your focus is tracing transactions in applications, monitoring the infrastructure (servers, virtualization, cloud), or if you want to monitor the usage levels, availability and performance of individual stacks. Another choice is where do you want your instrumentation to decide - in the network? on the client? on the servers? intrusive to your application?

The choice of what tool is the right choice will depend on the answer to the above questions.

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Sorry, don't have exposure to eG Suite.

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Hi Srinivas,

I'm with up.time Software. This is what we do. up.time illustrates the macro health of applications as the sum of its parts while offering up a low level understanding of the health of devices/platforms that comprise the service at an individual level. The best of both worlds when looking to give a holistic overview of your entire environment as it relates to performance and availability.

We're one application, one interface and platform agnostic. If you'd find it beneficial, I'm happy to step you through the product online to see how our solution matches your requirements or just simply answer any other questions your group may have. No pressure, genuinely here to help.

Sean Gaudun

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Hello. Of course, it depends on your requirements, size, current infrastructure, etc. Gartner's Magic Quadrant is a nice place to start with the research so you can get an idea of how today's leaders stand up against each other. I may be biased as an employee - but Fluke Networks was named a leader is this years report. Here's a link that we provide on our website to the full report. There's some nice references to our AANPM solution, but also information on the others. http://www.flukenetworks.com/content/gartner

I hope this helps you find what you're looking for.

-Lynzee Tucker, SDR at Fluke Networks

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Its hard to compare anything if you do not know your requirements.
If you do not know what you want or need, you should start off with something simple and cheap, with good support and a large user base.
I would therefor suggest to take a look att AdvenNets (ManageEngines) products. Low cost, standalone install, good support and a large user base and a huge set of predefined monitors and a lot of extensions/plugins for future growth.


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Hello Srinivas.

You can look at Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring. That can give you the answers that are you looking for.
I work with CA Technologies APM product, if you have some questions about this software I can answer to you.


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