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Baan IV / Infor LN - Oracle Agile route to follow..


Perhaps a long shot..

We have to decide what route to follow..

Situation: Small production company 35 FTE 15 software Users. Company is limited in resources. In the past, part of a large group of companies.

Currently Oracle Agile 6.1 PLM (critical hardware situation) - made to measurement (Upgrade to 6.2 advised). Drawing system ME10

Baan IV ERP - standard program (upgrade to Infor LN advised).

Both systems are linked. Data is transfer after project is booked to Baan.

No software/hardware upgrades in the last 10 years.

Major hardware (including infrastructure) upgrade planned within 1-2 months.

We think there is (now 10 years later) a major overlap in software. 

Question: Where to put what functionality?

Extra functionality needed: CRM and better integration with MS office.

Other option: skip Baan and go to MS. We see Agile as our major system

Please advise. How to come to a wise decision?

ITCS user