Can I move Salesforce to Cloud Foundry without refactoring?

I am the Head of the HCM division in a tech company. 

I'm currently using Salesforce as a PaaS and would like to move it to Cloud Foundry, do you know if I can do it without refactoring?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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Salesforce Applications are developed in a low-code proprietary environment (i.e. a "comfortable/productive/expensive walled garden"). Cloud foundry is made to work with open-source apps/code (which is a completely different approach to software development). I don't know of any tools that could help you in this process and the most likely scenario is a complete refactoring of the Salesforce apps.

If your problem is cost, there are ways to reduce licensing costs (negotiation with salesforce, changing the user types, make some functionality available in force.com sites, community portals, data integration with external apps, etc.).

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