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Can Sophos Intercept X and Carbon Black be used side by side on endpoints?


I am an IT Manager for a company that provides access to professional indemnity and medico/dento-legal assistance.

Do you know if Sophos Intercept X and Carbon Black can be used side by side on endpoints?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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Officially the answer is Intercept X and anti-virus from other mfgs. can co-exist on an endpoint. Carbon Black is a bit more than just AV, so I would get a free 30-day trial of Int X and try it on one endpoint.

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I’m not sure but if you are using Sophos Intercept X I would suggest just adding the Sophos EDR component.

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Bonjour Monsieur,

Pour le cas de Sophos InterceptX le déploiement est selon un demarché très aisée et d’une façon centralisée ainsi tous les postes appartenant à la ntreprise et qui sont éparpillés au niveau des sites peuvent être être gérés par une seule console d’administration.


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