Can you recommend a book I can use to learn more about Tableau?


I'm looking to learn about Tableau to become an expert user. Other than online videos, can anyone recommend a book I can study?

Specifically, I would also like to learn about data modeling in Tableau.

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Matt FrancisReal User

The best way to learn Tableau, is to use all the tutorials available on the Tableau website, read the forums, go to and download any of the workbooks that have been published and see how they were built.

Despite the claims above that "VIA has authored the only Tableau training manual in the world.",by far the best book currently available, Is this one written by Dan Murray, officially endorsed by Tableau themselves. It includes details on both Tableau Desktop, Server, case studies. As a reference guide it is superb.

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Larry KellerConsultantTOP 5POPULAR

If you have a license, the URL below takes you to our web site - there one can purchase a desktop user manual which is complemented with 7 Tableau Packaged Workbooks

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