Compare EMC Data Domain and HPE StoreOnce. Which is better?


One of the most popular comparisons on IT Central Station is EMC Data Domain vs HPE StoreOnce.

One user says about EMC Data Domain, "It allows us a fast recovery of files or Virtual Machines if needed being on-premise."

Another user says about HPE StoreOnce, " It demonstrates high stability and it can integrative with Veeam and other HPE products such as 3PAR."

In your opinion, which is better and why?



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I have used DataDomains for many years now. Once you get over the initial price tag and look at cost/TB (realised), it really is good value. The features in the newer DDOS versions match or are better than anything else I have ever seen/heard of. I have several sites that have dedup ratios of 60:1 or even 100:1 (ok: 99:1). The Data Domains I have installed and maintain are all very reliable.
My experience with HPE StorOnce is the exact opposite: Poor dedup ratio, limited compatibility, and not that reliable. The answer is: You get what you pay for.

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DataDomain is a very good product, compressing and deduplicating the data that is backed up. However it is desperately slow when it comes to restoring the data, I have it in use with Veeam Backup and it has caused us many problems due to the slow recovery of virtual machines or the writing to the tapes.

Because of the good deduplication it has, DataDomain is a good hardware but only to be used as historical backups.

HPE StoreOnce the short time you used it, it was pretty good in the times of backups and restore. It gives you the option of being able to divide your total storage capacity either by LAN or SAN with deduplication or by a CIF network.

If you are looking for good speed times in your backups and restore, I would recommend using silly repositories (without deduplication).


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I know most about the StoreOnce.

I like values for that it is really fast also when rehydrating/undeduping the data and it has extremely good dedupe ratio.
The catalyst replication of data known to the supported backup ISVs using intelligent WAN accelaeration is also very nice.

HPE Recovery Manager Central for flat disaster backup/recovery running without Backup ISV is another feature that I like to use. This can be up to 23 times faster backup and 15 times faster restore.

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I'm working with both.
Bottom line – both show equivalent deduplication ratio in same backup jobs.
The difference in software and environment.
Because my company is using 3PAR storage, I think the right solution to use for integration is VMWare+3par+Storeonce (RMC).
Also, ZIM using Oracle Exadata, in this case, I prefer Data Domain.
DELL EMC provides much better support and service.
HPE StoreOnce cheaper.

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In my opinion, I would say Data Domain is definitely superior –
Tightest integration with Dell EMC Data Domain Data Domain with Data Protection Suite provides a complete and trusted data protection solution. Data Domain systems that use Data Protection Suite backup average 36x deduplication rates. When used with Data Domain, Data Protection Suite yields 99% bandwidth reduction and 50% faster backups. Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition and Data Protection Suite for Applications provide up to 20x faster backup by enabling direct backup to Data Domain.

This has been tried and tested.

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I have had great success with Data Domain, having used them at two Fortune 100 companies. They are extremely reliable, especially when it comes to end-to-end data integrity checking. It provides tremendous flexibility, and when used for backups, It integrates with backup products like Networker, Veeam, Veritas NetBackup, Avamar, vSphere Data Protection Advanced and HP Data Protection, CommVault Simpana and Pivotal Greenplum. There are also boost products for Enterprise applications which provides a very powerful integration, with very high performance for Oracle RMan, SQl-SVR, SAP, SAP HANA< IBM DB2, HortonWorks and Cloudera.

With a feature called ProtectPoint, I was able to backup an 15TB Oracle DB, using RMAN, in about 1 hour to a VMAX array!! And also the restore was completed in roughly the same time.

There is also a software defined Data Domain that runs under VMware. They also have software to offload data to a Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud.

Two other use cases that I used it for were: a tier-3 NFS file share. Data Domain provides a standard NFS interface that can be used to build file shares that are hardware deduped for low cost.

Finally, I also used it as a 17a4 Compliance Worm device. It is fully compliance with the SEC 17a4 spec, as well as HIPPA and other WORM archival requirements.

BOTTOM LINE - my experience has been: Very fast, very reliable, extremely flexible with multiple use cases. Not just for backups.

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We have had very good success with the HPE StoreOnce product line. It usually comes in priced lower than the Data Domain solution. Getting up to 20 and 30 to 1 dedupe.

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It depends on the backup software, data domain and networker achieves very high levels of deduplication which reduces the backup window and makes backup more effective.

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EMC Data Domain.
This is a proven technology which has addressed most issues and is extremely stable

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Data Domain is the biggest player in Deduplication Appliances >60% where HPE Storeonce has only about 2%. That is for a good reason.

Datadomain is a more open system than HPE and supports all products that use CIFS, NFS, VTL or BOOST all at the same time. Also, the deduplication on DataDomain is much better. Even HP Dataprotector supports DDBooost for data domain.

Besides that Datadomain has a special feature called DIA. See: https://www.emc.com/collateral/software/white-papers/h7219-data-domain-data-invul-arch-wp.pdf

Which guarantees that you always can restore your data!

Good luck with your choice.

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Not get much experience for the comparison. Since those dedupe software have not certified Huawei OceanStor Storage devices.
I would like to value more if someone can introduce a channel to get our Storage worked together with EMC DD and HPE StoreOnce.

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I didn’t use HPE and I can’t compare them.
I know Data Domain was one of the first user data de-dup, and it was the best option in 2005. That's why EMC acquired them for $12B.
My experiences using DataDomain is very positive.
DataDomain was integrated and worked well with EMC Avamar, Networker (enterprise backup software) and many other EMC competitors using DataDomain successfully integrated with other applications.
Most people trying to compare some storage without being experts in both. To compare them and get a realistic result is a very complicated task and it requires a special LAB and it could take a lot of time to run tests.
I still have a good impression for DataDomain but I didn’t use HPE

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We've used Data Domain for over a decade. Overall very reliable. I cannot comment on storeonce - sorry.

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HP loses always and every time... poor performance and even lousier support organization!

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Data Domain is a purpose built back up appliance and offers the best deduplication and lowest cost per logical TB in the industry. Coupled with software such as Networker, you have an unbeatable design (depending on data being backed up etc.). With deduplication taking place before it hits the LAN/WAN, it also saves network congestion and therefore costs in productivity/performance as well.

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