Compare learning content: Skillsoft vs Lynda

Interested in anyone's experience comparing content from Skillsoft/Skillport versus Lynda for 

  • Currency: how up to date is content? How often updated?
  • Quality: does content reflect current best practices in soft skills and non-technical categories?
  • Coverage: are non-technical categories (Business Skills, Leadership, Communication) comprehensive--or at least as comprehensive as the technical topics?
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hi Jan.
I dealth with both. I prefer Lynda learning content.

Currency: there are weekly courses updates
Quality: the videos of Lynda are very hight quality
Coverage: I noticed that SkillSoft had some course related to HRCI recertification that Lynda doesnt have, but only that

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Yes I can be of help as I have dealt with both as possible 3rd party LMS
content providers.