Comparing Automic Workload Automation, Automic/Appworx Applications Manager, and OpCon

I have been an AWA client for around 16 years. Due to a core conversion it is being recommended that we convert from Automic Workload Automation to Automic/Appworx Applications Manager or OpCon.

I am not familiar with the Appworx Application Manager or OpCon, so I am not sure of the benefits and limitations compared to AWA.

Looking for the good, the bad, and the ugly on these options.

I should also add that we are looking for a true Enterprise Scheduler.

Any thoughts and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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It isn't that AWA wont work. It comes down to support from another vendor. The vendor isn't currently familiar with AWA, so they are taking classes, and will be able to support it in the future

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We are about to start to use AWA and was wondering why that platform will not work for you going forward?

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@NickWilcox you recently reviewed OpCon - would you be willing to share your experiences with @Rick Murray to help him with his decision? @reviewer1166826 maybe you can give some insight into the pros and cons of AppWorx?

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I am sorry because cannot help you. We have no experience with Appworx Application Manager.

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