Expert Opinion on Palo-Alto Required.

Hi Everyone,

I am currently sourcing for an alternative firewall solution to replace the existing solution being used by my organization on commercial considerations and Palo-Alto has been recommended.

I have done a lot of research but I also need to compliment that with expert opinions.

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I’m not an expert on Palo-Alto but what I do know is that they do offer of the top 3 IT security solutions in the world today. Most companies offer a very good firewall solution and one I can recommend is Check Point. Check Points Next generation firewall goes beyond the standard security protocols a lot of us as used to (Anti-Virus. Anti-Bot, URL filtering, Application control etc) and take it a step beyond by protecting your organization from unknown threats such as Ransomware and zero-day attacks (uniquely designed malware targeting specific customers).

They do this using Sandblast Zero day attack Protection application that quarantines the incoming data (such as an email attachment) in a Sandbox and then executes the application within the sand box monitoring its behaviour. Should it not like what the is looking for the software will take a snapshot of the content copy it to a pdf file and then send that on to the user whilst it cleans the infected file.

This not only prevents attacks but it also ensures business continuity. Please check out this link for more https://www.checkpoint.com/products-solutions/zero-day-protection/

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I don't think so, there are many feature does not exist on NGFW please check UTM vs NGFW, UTM is more comprehensive and has extra features, on the other hand NGFW is faster and always used for perimeter firewall , But all depends on your needs, For example some NGFW may not have DLP
so please check if there appliance on your place has these features and chose upon that!

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i already check gartner reports, i think UTM is legace now and NGFW id new

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You can also check http://www.gartner.com, And make sure are you looking for UTM or NGFW

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I really have same project and same recommended, my question is:
what is impact of NSS Lab in my decision? last report of nss lab, palo alto get 40% of security effectiveness .!!!

where is the firewall location ? core,edge....
what is throughput of the firewall after enable URL filtering ? not mention in sheets.

what is throughput of the firewall after enable ssl decryption ?

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