2019-04-23 18:47:00 UTC

Has anyone heard of the HPE StoreVirtual VSAN software going end of life?

I have heard from our HPE Storage representatives that this product is going end of life. I have heard that in the past and it turned out that the version was EOL and they released a new version. I think the reps just want us quoting and selling more Nimble storage. I asked for them to send me documentation stating that it is EOL and have received nothing. 

We love this software, it works really well. The adaptive optimization is a really great feature to get more IOPS.  

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I have implemented Lefthand/VSA solutions since 2008 and it’s a good product but definitely living on borrowed time. In my new position HPE also tried to steer us down the Nimble route but it was hugely expensive. In the end I settled on hybrid MSA 2052s’ with the advanced data services licencing (aka adaptive optimization).

2019-04-30 08:05:54 UTC
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My understanding (from our very good HPE VAR for many years) is the 12.x is going EOSL but the newer/faster models run 13.x, which is not backward compatible. I'm not sure about the ability to migrate data via remote snapshots from existing MG/cluster of 12.x to 13.x, for my workplace no longer adds newer models/units I only have access to older models running up to 12.7.

2019-04-30 23:23:23 UTC
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HPE Storevirtual VSA has been documented EOL in this document:
You will be supported until 2022

I have heard rumors of a possible upgrade path to Simplivity.
I also doubt that Simplivity will be shut down, I suppose HPE will want to upgrade Simplivity to work on any hardware (software only), as it is the prefered method for competitors like Nutanix.

2019-04-30 14:22:49 UTC
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Hi, i am a Nutanix Partner. Someone told me that Simplivity is in EOL due to the recent agreement between Nutanix and HPE, but i think that it will not create problems for Simplivity. About Simplivity VS Nimble, well, i think they are two different types of infrastracture approach, so i think they both will continue to be sold. I only ask to myself if Nutanix will or not will be more complete than Simplivity and so...may be...HPE would decide to continue with NTNX.

2019-04-30 10:08:38 UTC
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Thank you for everyone's input on this topic!

2019-05-01 18:16:22 UTC
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