Has anyone used Rapise? What are your experiences? How is it comparable to a tool like QTP?

We would like to evaluate the viability of Rapise with regards to testing web applications, desktop and mobile apps.

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We have been using Rapise for a few years now. It is our primary automation tool. My experience has been very positive. It is a simple interface and recording process as compared to other automation tools that we have used and reviewed in the past. It is a simple process to get up and going no coding language to learn and none of the weeks of infrastructure planning like the other tools we have used in the past. The best part by far is the personal and responsive customer service. You can actually talk to a real person that is skilled at using the application and is there to help you. Most of the other tools we have used and reviewed had customer service that were unskilled and just read a script and sent us to a web site.

These guys are great and the Rapise tool is well worth the price.

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Hi Caroline. I work for the vendor so I won't answer your question directly since obviously what I write is not objective (!). However if you don't get any answers, please email sales@inflectra.com and we can provide customer references that you can speak to.

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