Have you considered the following questions before just providing users access to critical systems in order for work from home?

Is your organization prepared for remote access by many users in context of Covid-19?


1. Policies/Procedures

2. Awareness

3. Tools

4. Infrastructure ( security and optimization)

5. Controls

6. Engagements


1. Do you have a Business Continuity Plan? Has it been reviewed and Aligned? Risk Evaluation?

2. What are the possible business and customer impacts? What will be the minimum services provided? What are the legal obligations?

3. Do you have a VPN or remote access and work from home policy?

4. Has your HR created adequate awareness?

5. Do you have an adequate VPN gateway/Firewall?

6. Will your Gateway and Throughput be adequate to support the work from home connections. Remote IT support for staff?

7. Controls for security, monitoring, proactive response and data leakage.

8. What are the engagement plans? Collaboration tools.

9. Health and safety arrangements for onsite staff and arrangements for medical assistance.

10. Align your plans with your suppliers and business partners.

11. Have communication plans for staff, partners and customers.

12. Escalation process.

13. Pilots have been executed to test run?

Would you agree with these guidelines? Is there anything else you would add?

Thanks! I appreciate the help.

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