How do I convince a client that the most expensive firewall is not necessarily the best?

What can I do to show a client that buying the most important doesn't mean that it's the best option? For example, how do I deomnstrate this with Fortinet Fortigate vs Cisco ASA Firewall?

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If you have a client that knows what a Fortigate and an ASA are you have a good client.

There are a couple strategies I would recommend. First show them market share of each product. Then explain the origin story of Fortinet. Then I would explain the fact that the security of any device is greatly dependent on the skills of the team managing it and that Fortigate is your teams security stack leader for security appliances and they are most familiar with them and find them a better overall solution.

Of course at the end of the day the final decision is the clients but price margin is all your decision. I've managed both devices and while I agree that Fortigate is a better solution I would be fine deploying either if a client felt strong about it. Hope that helps.

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My clients are all very small, and pfSense works great for them. Other than past experience with ASA being difficult to configure without deep knowledge of the product, I don't know these products. Google Fortinet FortiGate and Cisco ASA came up with some interesting articles. The first on that list https://info.pivitglobal.com/r... makes FortiGate look pretty good.

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Although it may seem simple to say, quality is price-related, but an expensive product is an expensive product and a quality product is a quality product.

Quality products are usually more expensive because they are related to the one who produces them, they are few people, more exclusive.

Expensive products are those for which a price is charged that does not meet the quality offered by some of the others for a lower price.

In short, there is no expensive or quality product, this is reflected in the needs they cover, if it is good product, because it covers my needs, it is an expensive product, even if its price is low.

You won't believe it, but this doesn't always happen, the cheap comes out expensive in the end.

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Cisco makes great gear, but I hate Smartnet costs as a budget manager. Cisco is actively abandoning the ASA line of hardware. It was not their most successful product with an assortment of issues. 

We gave up on our 5510 and 12's long ago after bad updates and hardware failures forced us to change. 

We are now using Fortigate 200F's with no issues whatsoever. This was not a difficult choice for us.

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