How do IBM Websphere Datapower and Apigee compare?

Hi. I work for one of the largest integrators in the market, and I need to evaluate the differences between IBM Websphere Datapower and Apigee.

How do IBM Websphere Datapower and Apigee compare? What are the pros and cons of each one?

Thank you very much!

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First, we should not compare data power and Apigee. Both meant for different purpose. Generally, DataPower used for authentication most of uses cases, where Apigee enable digital technologies. In addition, it is establish the connectivity from both external/internal/Omini connectivity. DataPower support internal connectivity with limited support in terms of Digital enablement.

Apigee is latest integration deployment software in the form of integration software, SaaS and Cloud.

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1) Let us start from the base that Google APIGEE is an API Management platform, so it offers more capabilities than a Gateway, therefore we must compare it against IBM API Connect which is the IBM API Management and whose gateways are Datapower machines.
2) An API Management platform consists mainly of three key components:
• Portal: where the catalog of available APIs is discovered.
• Management: where the life cycle of the APIs is managed.
• Gateway: Where the APIs are exposed.

At Management level: Google APIGEE and IBM API Connect
• Manage the life cycle of the API.
• Manage users roles and permissions.
• Manage security in APIs.
• Manage the consumption of APIs.
• Allows traffic policies to be applied.
• Allows you to configure, create and attach custom policies.

At Portal level: Google APIGEE and IBM API Connect
• Display the API documentation
• Test the exposed APIs.
• Register application developers.
• Customize corporate brand.
• Manage community.
• Self-management.

At Gateway level: Google APIGEE and IBM API Connect
• API deployment and execution
• Execution of security policies
• Integration with data sources
• Apply traffic policies.
• Different types of gateways:
• Google APIGEE
o Edge Enterprise Gateway.
o Microgateway (Limited features)
 Does not support all OAuth2.0 flows
 No Caching
 No threat protecction
 Basic monitoring.

• IBM API Connect
o Microgateway (Discontinued).
o Gateways:
 Datapower Gateway (Compatible with API Connect version 5)
 API Gateway (Focused on the 2018 version of API Connect)

At the Deployment level:
• Distributed:
o Google APIGEE:
 Edge Enterprise Gateway:
• The complete instance must be taken to each cloud.
• The deployment of each instance requires a license.
 Microgateway:
• They connect to the same instance, however, the limited policies of this component must be kept in mind.
• Can only be used by purchasing the full license of the API Management.
o IBM API Connect:
 Datapower Gateway (7.6 or = 2018.4.x):
• Compatible with version 5.0.8.x and 2018 of IBM API Connect.
 Both Gateway:
• It is only necessary to deploy the Gateway in each cloud, not the full instance of the product.
• Manages licenses that charge for API Calls generated in the Gateway and includes the deployment of nodes of its components in any cloud.
Both APIGEE and API Connect offer good capabilities to accelerate the deployment of business capabilities such as services or APIs. The decision of which one is better will depend on the conditions of our business and purpose.

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