How do mobile app testing and web app testing differ, and what tools do you recommend for each?

What are the differences between mobile app testing and web app testing? Are there similarities? What are your recommended tools for each of these?

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The principal difference are the technologies, different OS's, different programmer languages, and different tools for testing, the logic to automate testing depend on these factors, we need to review this factors to define the correct test strategy.

With mobile tests, we validate device mobiles, virtualization farm, or physical device farm devices to assurance different environments and testing levels, while to Web tests, we can test since Laptop's, PC's, or cloud technologies, sometimes front end or backend, but sometimes we need to make a mix and parallel test with both environments when the apps are responsive or interacting with other apps or interfaces.

The recommendation is: Review the kind or level tests, technologies for each app to test, what kind of tools we have to test, define the strategy with the functional and technical requirements, build teams with each technical capacities and expertise for this kind of technologies (Web or Mobile), and finally, do the plan base on the dateline to whole project and estimations, and manage the testing project with all life cycle, and don't forget "sharpen the ax", is very important take to official certifications or practical workshops with mentors with experience to this kind of tests to grow the skill.

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@Héctor Ruvalcaba Thanks! Can you make recommendations for other users of what tools to use for each?

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Mobile app testing is different than w.r.t Web app testing in many ways

Mobile apps rendering is different then the web apps, the OS is different, the way you test the application is mobile is through emulators and there are several in the market.

Similarities can be the properties at the object level if I think from an automation perspective.

Web:- Selenium (Code Heavy), Tosca (Codeless- More expensive), Ranorex, Katalon, and a lot more 2nd and 3rd generation tool.

Mobile:- Perfecto, AWS Device Farms

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@reviewer1393596 Thanks for your helpful response! 

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