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How do *you* use RPA?


Hi everyone!

There are a lot of great reviews of RPA (AA, UiPath, Blue Prism, Kryon, etc.). If you haven't shared a review yet, would you please share with us your favorite use case for RPA?

Whether you're using RPA for sales ops or customer service or data manipulation/management or something else -- what's your use case for RPA?

Please share with the community so we all know what you're working on.

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11 Answer

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Hi there! 

I'm an RPA developer, and I'm a fan of Kryon. 

As a freelance developer, I've worked with clients in the healthcare field who have greatly benefited from using RPA for time-consuming tasks, digital transformation strategies (before another major health crisis hits), and providing much-needed support to overworked and overwhelmed employees. I've written an extensive blog-type post in Kryon's community based on my views working with my healthcare clients. Feel free to check it out (and a few more similar discussions) on the community page here: 

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