How does Jaspersoft compare to Tableau?

We're an asset maintenance company, what do you recommend between Jaspersoft and Tableau? What are the main differences between the two solutions?

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Jaspersoft is for Production Reporting and Embedded Analytics used for creating single or multi page pixel perfect reporting , Tableau more for Data Discovery and Dashboarding.

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I have been using Tableau for simple demonstration for a while, it's an easy BI dashboarding tool. If you want to expose this tool with business users for self-service BI, it's fine.
I haven't used Jaspersoft, but from its own web site and some demonstrations, it seems that it's not as business user friendly compare with Tableau.

My 2 Cents

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Tableau is a viewing product. It is good at sucking in data and giving charts and graphs. That said, it has issues with scalability as well as drilling deeply into data once something is discovered and needs analysis. There is only base level rough reporting like an old line printer.
jaspersoft, while being more complete, couldn't make it as an independent company and was bought by TIBCO so they could check the reporting and analytics box. It is unclear its overall capability but is a more complete product. If it was me I would keep looking.

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I have did the same comparison before. In short, Tableau is a user oriented data discovery tool which is very strong in visual and ad hoc analytics. Jaspersoft is a IT oriented reporting tool which is strong in excel like pixel perfect report and schedule report. And it has a open source community version.
I have summarized Jaspersoft and Tableau's Pros and Cons as follow:

- Support for both structured and raw data sets
- Ease of use 
- Visualization 
- Multiple data sources integration 
- Short implementation time 
- Urgent Ad Hoc Analysis

- Not support for formatting theme
- Not designed to produce printed or formalized reports 
- Difficult to do complex calculation 
- Not support Linux platform

- Pixel-perfect report building 
- Embedded report portal 
- Scheduling reports 
- Integration with Java 
- Report version control
- Extensive set of chart, graphs and easy file output 
- Open source BI tool

- Difficult to write complex queries
- Not a quick and easy solution 
- Longer implementation cycle
- Ad Hoc reporting functions 

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First thing to consider would be who will be the audience of the reports and what it is that they are looking for. If they are looking for visuals, beautiful charts that can be built quickly than Tableau is your answer. If they want reports that look like Excel or reports that consist of sub-reports and can be printed than Tableau is not the answer. I also believe that if you have people who understand your data Tableau charts and pivots/cross tabs can be built very quickly. The installation is simple, time from requirements to report/chart is shorter than any tool I have worked with.
Several years ago we have given up on Jaspersoft as it was more developer oriented and once we packaged everything we wanted it was much more pricey than Tableau.
As with everything else, you need to know the amount of money you can spend and the actual requirements of the users before you make a decision.

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There are quite a few good answers here however, I'll write up a response from my experiences.
We use Jasper and Tableau however, Tableau is predominantly used for Analytic and exploration as well as for dashboarding key KPI's.

Tableau will tell you that their platform is not for printed reports so if this is what you are after, then I would suggest using Jasper. As mentioned earlier Jasper is a very good platform for pixel perfect reporting. It reminds me of SQR, another reporting platform I used to work with..

Each can connect to different data sources quite effectively although Tableau has more functional options for SAP and SAS.

Tableau scales very well into the cloud and there are some very good documents available for using Tableau Public Portal and AWS. In a LAN environment Tableau can be scaled out using the different functional work engines and at this stage we have some 5000+ users hitting tableau on a regular basis without too many issues.

Jasper is not so scalable. Although truth to tell, I haven't had the opportunity to push Jasper to a private cloud so there are some question marks there.

There are quite a few questions I have all mostly asked above about who is the end user, who is the consumer, and who plans to administer the platform?
You really need to clarify what your ultimate audience is and what the expectations are for us to provide you a more detailed response.

Even though Jasper is open source, there is always a cost and it's critical to read the EULA carefully when implementing any open source product in an enterprise environment.

Anyway, always happy to provide more details,

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There is lot of difference between Tools Jaspersoft and Tableau over Implementations and GUI representation.
On behalf of your requirement i'll suggest the exact answer. because the end to end part there is overall lot of difference

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Tableau is much better for self service than Jaspersoft. If you are going to give limited interaction to users and embedding the report in other web pages then Jasper is a good choice. Price was Jasper is much cheaper than Tableau.

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Topline - you should compare Spotfire vs Tableau instead.
Jaspersoft (owned by Tibco) and Tableau really sit in different technology areas, albeit within the general area of data analytics. Jaspersoft is really a toolkit, often used towards mobile reporting, often used to create dashboards, where the dashboards are typically built by the IT organization to support individual businesses. Tableau is a very easy to use, intuitive, self service data analysis tool. It is easy for end users to quickly build dashboards that are interactive and allow them to investigate their data elegantly and then publish those dashboards out to their colleagues.
If your desire is for self serve data analytics I would recommend comparing to Spotfire, also. Tableau is typically viewed as more intuitive, easy to use and easier to create prettier dashboards. However Spotfire is differentiates through enabling you to do more with your data. What does "more" mean? Could be some of many things including
1) in line data cleansing when your data isn't clean enough,
2) additional calculations and statistical processes (some are built in, such as K Means Clustering, linear regression, forecasting, etc) are built in, but there is a built in capability to write in a variety of statistical engines too),
3) data reshaping (pivoting, devpivoting),
4) adding new visualization types from libraries such as D3,
5) building products, either through adding functions with Python or through the extensible API and
6) if you are a scientific organization, Spotfire has a number of scientific add-ins available that help you interpret chemical data, genomics data, clinical data, ingest non columnar instrument data

Tableau and Jaspersoft are also both fully in database models where queries and aggregations are executed by the host database. Spotfire has a hybrid model whereby aggregate queries can be executed at either the database level or in memory. In-database is advantageous when dealing with large data sources to reduce load times. However, if data load times are acceptable, ongoing performance is greatly enhanced when data is loaded in memory and aggregations calculated on the fly. A common use case is to aggregate in-database, have updates returned on the fly, and then when the end user wants to drill down to the line level detail, to have an on-demand table return the individual lines of interest based off of a selection is the original dashboard.

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In general, I would say Tableau is easier to use and learn. With Jaspersoft, you need a certain level of skill to install, customize and maintain. Not sure how cost sensitive you are as I know Tableau can be pricy for enterprise deployment.

Alternatively, I suggest you look at http://envisionbi.com/. Very comparable to Tableau and Qlik in terms of ease of use but much more cost effective with a unique licensing model.

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who are your end users? if it is for daily operational reporting jaspersoft is a good bet.

if you have a budget go for tableau. it is definitely uncomparable with jasper but it has it's disadvantage of it's super friendly advantages. it is very easy to develop a dashboard in tableau and to put together a proper decision making dashboard will be a little tough though.

jasper is a good bet for static reporting and operational reporting. bit diffucult to use and lot of customizable options and lot of suppot for open source charting like D3.

check on your budget,users,scope of it's usage and the impact it will have on your daily operations and the benefit you are going to get out of it when you compare your costing like hiring a skilled resource for jasper or buying a costly tool like tableau . jasper is definitely worth for a try for it's licensing but bit costly to have a support from JASPER.

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From our understanding there are 2 key considerations / differences...

a. Jaspersoft is an open source thus could have limited support availability. If there is support esp. for enterprise, the total cost of ownership could be more expensive esp. if Tableau can give you attractive discount. My recommendation is to do a 5-year total cost ownership comparison for software licenses, software maintenance, and services support.

b. Tableau being one of the market leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for BI, naturally has more robust capabilities and easier to use. However would recommend you do a proof of concept on both software against your business needs and requirements to ascertain which software fit your needs and requirements vs. investment/budget.

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Jaspersoft is open source BI solution while Tableu is marketleader in visualization space.

What is a company strategy? Move to Open source tools? or use commercial tools?

What are the user requirements? Reporting, Dashboarding, Analysis, Visualization ?

There are different tools available for above mentioned requirements... One tool cannot satisfy all requirements. Jaspersoft and Tableu fall under different categories...

Tableu is very good for visualization. However open source D3 provides equally impressive isualizations. Dashboard created using jaspersoft is pathetic when it comes to visual design.

Tableu is preety expensive. If Target user is CXO, investing in such a product makes sense.... Having said that D3 charts provide impressive visualizations.

For visualizatons, few organizations have developed tools integrated with D3.. These are worth evaluating. These are open source and inexpensive.

In case, the company strategy is to move towards open source products for reporting / Analysis etc, you may evaluate Jaspersoft. However if you are hosting business critical reports using Jaspersoft, you may have to purchase support. It may turn out to be more expensive in long term.


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Kindly find below jasper soft vs. tableau comparison.


i recommend Tableau

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I never used JasperSoft, make the following questions will test using JasperSoft. Tableau is also an easy to use software system for data processing analysis bigdata. Currently we are testing large data Customs Import and Export of aquatic products, tea, milk from VN to other countries, and they were compared with the data of each enterprise imports from other countries, so if treatment BigData Management and Matrix format reports, fast analysis, real-time updates and Smart dashboard screen as Tableau is very easy to use.

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I would recommend that you go in for Tableau. Tableau is extremely business user friendly and provides self-intuitive dashboards for data. There are also other alternatives that you may want to consider such as Qlik or Sisense.

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I evaluated Tableau, but did not purchase it. I have not used Jaspersoft.
So I can’t be of help with this question, but if there are questions about QlikView
I have implemented and am using QlikView currently. We have had the software for about 3 years.
It is one of the strongest in the field.

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