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How does Pega BPM compare with Camunda Platform?


Which would you choose and why?

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Pega BPM allows for a great deal of flexibility in terms of how an organization or company can set up this solution. There are two possible ways that this product can be deployed. Each of these has a different level of setup difficulty. The first option involves a completely cloud-based approach, linking the program up to the cloud and connecting it to your organization’s online databases. At that point, most of the work is being done by the program and the cloud itself. Option two is more difficult to implement. This option involves installing the software on your company’s local servers. This requires a great amount of work to properly integrate the software with the local hardware. You will want to hire experts in this type of technology to run the integration and manage the software.

Camunda Platform is relatively easy to set up if you are not attempting to tweak the software to gain extra functions out of it. It can be downloaded and deployed within a half an hour. However, if your organization wants to get more out of the program than its most basic functions, the process becomes more complicated. Additional time and resources will be required if your company wants to add things onto the software.

Pega BPM has a variety of payment models. They offer options that scale their prices based on the number of users or the number of cases that the organization has. These are just two examples of the flexibility of pricing that Pega BPM can give businesses.

Camunda Platform is even more flexible on price than Pega BPM. They have an open- source version of the program which is absolutely free. This version possesses all of the core features of the paid version. The ability to maintain functionality and not have to pay expensive licensing costs is a game-changer.


Both of these products are potentially easy to set up. Pega BPM offers great flexibility in terms of pricing. Ultimately, Camunda platform’s open source version is more affordable without sacrificing functionality.

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